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  • I’ve been giving my webhosts grief over this but is this their problem?

    A completely fresh install of WP in a clean directory. FTP’d the WP files, created the db, WP set up the wp-config file, logged in. So far so good. Then the first thing I did was to go for Tools/Import to upload a WP backup from elsewhere. This loads the Importer but all I got was: Destination folder already exists followed by path to the Importer code.

    Looking at the server with each of three FTP clients, I can see no folder there at all. It was a fresh new folder after all.

    So I load the Importer manually from an unzipped file using one the FTP clients, and it works ok.

    I’ve seen references in the forum to the structure of zip files being one possible cause (apart from the folder actually being there but invisible to the FTP program). But how does that play with WP supplied plugins? Remember this was the very first thing I did after installing WP.

    Its going to make installing plugins like some WooThemes new stuff a bit tricky – they don’t make all their new plugins available for download, only activating from within WP.

    Any ideas?

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  • Some more information – would appreciate some opinions|

    It transpires that when installing plugins from the new plugin screen in wodpress installations in two of my domains somehow the plugin software is getting put in a strange location.

    My WP installs sit in /htdocs/domain/wordpress/ …etc

    The plugins have been put in a new folder: (at the same level as htdocs)

    So it looks as though they aren’t where they should be but the installer is looking in this new stange location and complaining that they already exist.

    Come to activate them, I get the No header error message.

    Any reason why WordPress should be doing this? Somewhere I may have inadvertantly set up an incorrect absolute path?

    Or is this as I suspect something to do with the server configuration? My hosting provider is struggling to say the least and still thinks this is WP’s fault! Anything I can say to help them out here?

    Maybe I have an answer to this after much trawliing through forums.

    The key to it was this reply:
    I *believe* this is a server configuration difference = ‘file system method’.
    If you enter this in the wp-config.php it will work:

    if(is_admin()) {
    add_filter('filesystem_method', create_function('$a', 'return "direct";' ));
    define( 'FS_CHMOD_DIR', 0751 );


    I have now tried this on two of the installations causing problems and it seems to have cured things. I can now use the native WP method of uploading and activating plugins as well as the manual FTP method,

    Alternative solutions involve creating separate FTP users for each installation, each with their own root FTP directory. Your host may or may not support this.

    More in this thread:

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