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    I just awoke to this so am still in the middle of a troubleshoot.

    The site stylesheet calls for a background-image on all pages. The initial symptom is that’s not loading when visitors initially arrive at the site. Further, the menus seem to be directing people to the insecure version. If I manually load the pages with the https:, they load correctly.

    I will elaborate on this after I’ve looked around a little more/had my coffee. Got a very irritated client.


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  • OK, I can now clarify and better describe the problem:

    1) Updated to the new https yesterday
    2) I’m unclear as to why, but all my “secure page” settings went away. After editing each and every page to re-check the “secure post” setting, all of the pages with the exception of the homepage are now loading correctly.
    3) The homepage is loading correctly in Safari. It is NOT loading correctly in IE, Firefox, or Chrome. In IE/Firefox, the stylesheet does not appear to be loading. In Chrome, everything is loading but the background image.

    I have ticked each and every setting at least once. AT THE MOMENT, the settings are:
    Force SSL Exclusively – OFF
    Secure Front Page – ON
    Proxy – NO
    Debug – ON
    Admin Menu – SIDEBAR

    The site URL is
    All other plug-ins are up to date
    The site is running WP-Ecommerce


    I’m having the same problem after updating — the background image doesn’t show up when the plugin is activated.

    I’m using the latest version of WP and almost no plugins.

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    If you uninstall the plugin, the secure post settings will be deleted. That is the only way that I’m aware of.

    You’ll have to provide more detail on what’s happening. What does “not loading correctly” mean? What URL is it trying to fetch and failing on?

    I looked at the site and it seems fine, so maybe you figured it out.

    Haven’t yet figured it out.

    By “Not loading correctly” I mean:
    1) If you navigate to the URL by typing in “http:///, or “, or” as people normally would, the home page loads without its background image–it shows just a black background, or in the case of Firefox, a white background. This occurs whether I have checked “secure post” or not for the front page.
    2) In Firefox, additionally, the page’s styles for text are not being applied. Instead of white type, a gray type is being shown, and the fonts are not as specified.
    3) If you navigate by typing in “,” everything loads correctly in all browsers. But average visitors won’t do that.
    4) In Internet Explorer, we have reverted to “this page has secure and insecure items.” This is not occurring in the other browsers.

    I feel that some setting may have been lost when I performed the upgrade, but I cannot imagine what it is. However, if you are seeing a homepage with a plain black or plain white background, you are seeing the problem. If you are seeing a homepage with a background that looks like wood, that is what is called out in the stylesheet.

    Many thanks for your help!

    Actually, it may have resolved. In the case of Chrome, it was my own cache–cleared earlier but mucked up again with improper settings. Firefox also seems to be loading now. I have checked secure front page, forced SSL exclusively, and re-checked “secure post” on the culprit page. This seems to have resolved most of the problems.

    I am still not sure about IE because I have a Mac. When I can get hold of my client to try it on her PC, I will post the results.

    Thanks again

    I went back and installed 3.1 of the plugin and my home page background came back. I’ll stay this way for now.

    Still an issue with Internet Explorer and the “secure and nonsecure items.”

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    Check the FAQ to identify what’s loading insecurely. Post the results here. If you don’t feel like bothering with it, you can always pay me to do it.

    Hee! Hopefully, we are planning to pay you. (In real life, I’m Anne, and we’ve corresponded.)

    Actually, I believe the nonsecure items have been squashed, so I’m at a loss. This is the go-to plugin for this purpose, so I’m looking forward to learning a great deal and will gladly share it here.


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