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  • I have an SSL encrypted blog. I want to be able to share blog posts on a private group in Facebook. When I post a link it will grab the content but not the image. Facebooks little searching bars start working then it displays nothing. I’m thinking it has to do with the SSL, but not sure how.

    I have OpenGraph tags on all posts and it is pulling everything but the image. I look and it is linked properly. I go into view source, I copy the link displayed in the code for the image Facebook is to grab, and I paste it into the browser. It displays the image, but when Facebook looks it can’t display it. Not sure why this is happening. Thoughts?

    Also, another problem I noticed. I looked at your screenshot. It has and not So I change mine to remove the www. Well it pulled toe text but not graphics or css. So basically it broke my site. Do I have it set right? is ok to have there?

    Last question. When I type it works fine, and changes over to ssl, but when I paste in a link say, it will not swtich to ssl and actually it removes the slash. Displaying in the browser address bar http://www.example.comwp-admin. No slash after .com. What could that be?

    I’m curious if the last two problems are a sign of what could fix the Facebook issue.


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