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  • First of all, love the plugin, probably one of the best every made for WordPress, which is a lot coming from me (worked with several dozen WordPress sites and a fellow plugin developer).

    With that being said, we have been using the plugin for several months and for some reason today, at around 7:00 pm EST we received notification from Pingdom that our site was down. I went to the site to try and force Apache error log errors and the browser displayed a response stating that there was a continuous loop on the page.

    After disabling the plugins one by one and other debugging, we discovered the infinite loop was being produced by the WordPress HTTPS plugin. If we activate the plugin the infinite loop comes back immediately, disable, it goes away immediately.

    We did not make any updates to the server, the mySQL database, WordPress, or the the domains files, so I’m kind of stumped.

    Other Debugging Information
    – wp-login.php still works fine along with the admin panel
    – putting php exit() at the top of my themes header.php doesn’t stop the issue
    – putting php exit() at the end of the functions file does stop the issue
    – in other words, it’s being instantiated between functions.php and header.php, which I assume is when the WordPress HTTPS plugin initializes.

    Any help/feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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