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  • Were you able o fix this? I am having the same issues and cannot find solution for it.

    Same issue here. Infinite redirect loop.

    • WordPress 3.3.1 with Multisite Enabled
    • Version of this plugin: 2.0.4
    • Stock Multisite .htaccess
    • Infinite loop occurs whether “Force SSL” is checked or not.


    Same issue here.


    I just resolved the issue on my site. In a nutshell: Another plugin was throwing an error that caused the infinite redirect with this plugin. After I fixed the “unrelated” error, infinite redirect went away.

    Here are the steps that lead me to the cause:

    1. Using Firefox with the Web Developer plugin I checked the response headers. Even though the website worked seemingly well, the response headers were showing 500 Internal Server Error where it should have shown 200 OK
    2. I set WP_DEBUG to true in wp_config.php to see if any errors show on the screen. Tangent: No errors were shown which was suspicious because I believe even stock WordPress install generates some PHP warnings/notices. After some frustrated poking around I noticed that a plugin called Advanced Access Manager was overriding the WP_DEBUG settings and hiding errors. Once errors were properly showing…
    3. I saw that a plugin called Widget Logic was throwing an error from the eval() function. Which means I must have fat-fingered some invalid-stuff into the widget logic field.
    4. I corrected my typo in Widget Logic and set WP_DEBUG to false. No more infinite redirect – all is well.

    Now. I don’t see how an error from another plugin should have caused an infinite redirect but I’m not going to point fingers too hard because I’m the one who fat-fingered invalid stuff into a widget.

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    I just pushed out version 3.0 which may or may not fix the issues you were having. Please try updating and let me know if you need any help.

    Sorry for the late response. I have not had time to support the plugin for a while now. Since I just pushed out 3.0, I’ll be keeping an eye on the support forums to fix any bugs that arise.


    After the update the page the page URL sometimes breaks the slash between the parent page.

    It should be

    Many times it displays like this

    Another issue is that in Chrome there is this red mark in the browser where HTTPS shows up.

    THis is great plugin, I used it on many sites with no issues.

    I am just puzzled why it;s not working on this site.

    Is it a SSL certificate issue. And how it;s installed?

    when I view the site with https at a prefix,

    I don’t see that the site is verified by.

    krystiank, I had the same issue
    I resolved it by clicking the RESET link on the HTTPS settings page…

    please be sure to post if that works for you…

    Had the same thing today and had to restore my whole site and revert back to 2.0.4

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    Hey all,

    The issue with slashes being removed has been fixed in 3.0.2. It was actually a hotfix, so if you downloaded 3.0.2 earlier in the day, the fix may have not been in place yet.


    Clicking the “Reset” button fixed this issue for me.

    After the upgrade, the site went blank.

    I tried the Reset but nothing.

    I am going to move the site to different server and see if that helps.

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    Hey krystiank,

    Please let me know what happens. I have not been able to reproduce this issue, but have had several reports of it.


    I tried again to upgrade but my site was inaccessible afterwards again. I think I will stick with 2.0.4 and stop looking for trouble. Not sure what the issue is but I use IIS6 if that helps.

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    All of the site’s I’ve looked at have been fixed by uninstalling the previous version in the Dashboard, and then installing the new version fresh. If that causes the same issue, I have to be able to see your error logs in order to know why its doing that.

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