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  • Resolved JCLIFF


    I mouseover the favicon at this page and the message indicates “Connection Partially Encrypted” and goes on to explain what that means.

    I’m currently using Force SSL (if I didn’t I did not see or understand how to make the url HTTPS). I’ve attempted to use a number of the other entitlements/restrictions in combination in order to change the status of the page, but no luck. Why is it site is unable to provide full encryption?

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  • Plugin Author Mike Ems


    Hey Jcliff,

    Out of curiosity, do you have the ‘External HTTPS Elements’ option enabled? Just glancing at your site, I think that if it were enabled, it may fix a number of the elements that are not loading securely.

    You can find this option under ‘WordPress HTTPS’ in the Settings menu in the WordPress admin panel. (screenshot)

    If you only want that one page to be SSL and not the rest of your website, I would also suggest enabling ‘Disable Automatic HTTPS’ and ‘Force SSL Exclusively’. Also, make sure you check the ‘Force HTTPS’ checkbox when editing the page/post to force it to HTTPS. (screenshot)

    Tried that (as well as a number of other combinations).

    Same message re: partial encryption.

    GoDaddy support replied by saying that this message would appear should any connections into the page are HTTP and not changed to HTTPS.

    It’s essentially working, minus “eavesdropping” – my objective here is to be able to rebut anyone who suggests a lack of security exists (absolutes are always preferred).

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    Just because you enabled those particular options, and it didn’t load securely, doesn’t mean that it’s not working. What it means is that you’ve got elements loading on your page that the plugin cannot fix for one reason or the other and so the page still shows that it’s insecure. This is pretty common.

    I need you to make sure the options are set up exactly how I described them, and then I can take a look at your site and tell you exactly what’s causing your site to not load securely.

    I’m having the same issue with partial encryption. I have External HTTPS Elements, Disable Automatic HTTPS, and Force SSL Exclusively checked and have the shopping cart and the checkout pages checked to force HTTPS.

    This is my first attempt at SSL with WP. The site is Thanks.

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    Hey wiebejammin,

    Your issue is being caused by WPAudio. There is a block of JavaScript that creates paths to some images for the player. The block looks like this:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    /* <![CDATA[ */
    var wpa_url = '';
    var wpa_urls = [];
    var wpa_pref_link_mp3 = true;
    /* ]]> */

    This is causing two images to load over HTTP rather than HTTPS and that makes the page insecure. The images are these:

    My plugin is aware of what it fixes, and unfortunately, it can’t really do anything about inline JavaScript. You can, however, modify the plugin to work with SSL like so:

    Go to the plugin editor and open wpaudio.php. Find these lines toward the top of the file:

    if ( ! defined( 'WPA_URL' ) )
        define( 'WPA_URL', WP_PLUGIN_URL . '/wpaudio-mp3-player' );

    Change it to this:

    if ( ! defined( 'WPA_URL' ) )
        define( 'WPA_URL', plugins_url('', __FILE__) );

    I would recommend contacting the plugin author to let him know that his plugin is not SSL aware. If you update the plugin, you will most likely have to re-do this change.

    Let me know if that fixes your issue.

    Hey Mvied,

    I knew it was the audio player that was causing the problem. I had someone help me yesterday with a hack in the same php file you recommended. It worked but had it’s limitations.

    Your fix on the other hand allowed me to remove the forced https on most of the pages and posts. Your insight has helped immensely. Thanks.


    P.S. I will be contacting the plugin author to alert him of this issue.

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    If you’d like, you can give him this link: I’ve updated the Codex with a snippet that plugin developers should use to avoid SSL issues with their plugins.

    Hi Mvied,

    How are you? What a handy plugin! Even tho I’m having this issue it’s so cool to be able to force some pages ssl and others not! Thanks for this!

    I’ve been working on my first wp install with ssl. I’m getting the partially secured message in firefox and ie. I’ve been reading your posts and I’ve looked over my source code for http: and looked at the javascript i’m linking to but can’t determine cause of my problem.

    I’m using quite a few plugins including gravity forms, wordpress firewall2, user access manager, google analytics, wordpress hitcounter, +

    My HTTPS plugin settings as follows:
    [x]Internal HTTPS Elements
    [x]External HTTPS Elements
    [x]Force SSL Exclusively

    Your help is greatly appreciated!

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    Hey clay123,

    Your issues are actually being caused by using absolute URL’s for some images in your stylesheets. Both are in your twentyten/style.css. Changing these paths to relative URL’s will fix it.

    Line 205:
    background: #036 url( repeat-x;
    Should be:
    background: #036 url(/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/bodyBg.jpg) repeat-x;

    Line 523:
    background: url( no-repeat;
    Should be:
    background: url(/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/credit-going-up.jpg) no-repeat;

    Now that’s SUPPORT! Wow that did it. I didn’t think to look in the css. Also noticed upgrade of plugin and downloaded and made a small donation.


    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    Awesome! Thanks for donation. 🙂

    Hi Mike,

    After 1.75 fixed my last issue, afraid I’ve recently started hitting this issue also.

    I can find no content on my site that loads over http when https is specified – Issue affects every page and so I expect it is something I’ve changed, but I really can’t figure what as all internal links appear be redirected to https correctly. I’ve also rolled back recently updated plugins to earlier versions as a precaution, but to no avail

    Would appreciate your advice if you could take look?

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    Hey Snottmonster, (lovely name, lol)

    This file is the culprit:

    Where does that come from? I have no idea what that file is… Neither do I see where it is getting called from. Must be a plugin – but which?

    OK – Got it figured.

    Appears this is something WordPress has implemented as part of WordPress Stats. As far as I remember there has been no update to the plugin, so this must be something WordPress has added on their side and appears to be some form of tracking mechanism.

    So – goodbye wordpress stats!

    Mike – I’d be very interested to know how you found that if you could explain? But many thanks that you did. All is well again.

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