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  • I found that if you open the wordpressguestpost.php file and replace any calls for the plugin (plugins/wordpressguestpost/) to plugins/wordpress-guest-post/ it works just fine.

    Seems like the file is calling a directory which doesn’t exist/is misnamed!

    Downloaded this through the plugin page in wordpress today and it’s still a bit bugged..

    I fixed it by replacing all occurrences of “wordpressguestpost/” with “wordpress-guest-post/” replacing “plugins/wordpressguestpost/” didn’t fix it in my case.

    How I fixed:

    • 1. Make the edits to the files paths as described in previous posts from above
    • 2. Download most current release of Securimage PHP Captcha
    • 3. Delete the securimage folder contained within the plugin
    • 4. Upload the new securimage folder
    • 5. Copy the code from securimage_example.php and paste into securimage_show.php

    Almost forgot:
    Remove the external links to the swf file audio file. They are located near bottom of wordpressguestposts.php

    Heydluv, can you post diff between your “wordpressguestposts.php” and original one?

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    heydluv, please post that code on PASTEBIN.COM and not here. It’s making the spam checker have a hissy fit.

    The Modified code is here:

    many thanks, works fine

    I tried these fixes and made sure I’ve got the 2.6 version, but I still do not see the CAPTCHA image. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. The page I am trying to put this on is – Thanks!

    If you want, just replace your code with the code in the pastebin link, above. Or just make sure that your code matches lines 784 & 785. Hope that helps.

    Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to have worked. I used the pastebin code and put it in the wordpressguestposts.php and updated the file (said it was successful), but the image still doesn’t show up. Any other ideas that might work? I’ve looked at other plugins for guest posting, but this one has everything that I want in it.

    Your <object data=””> is missing You can try manually hard-coding them into the file before the /wp-content/

    That worked! Thank you so much, you just saved my Monday. 🙂

    Many thank you both for your posts on how to fix this. It works great with those changes. I’d add that I had mine in a sub-directory and had to add that to the beginning of the path for the captcha.

    I have tried all the above but nothing is working!

    Can you please help me. It for

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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