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  • hi, first i want to say many thanks. your plugins works well and looks better on every update.

    i have some suggestions,
    1. how about adding information about user browser?
    2. is it possible adding geolocation track? so we could know from where they are.
    3. it would be great if you could give some screenshoots on your FAQ, because some user who not familiar with PHP may get confused.

    thank you for your attention.
    good luck.

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  • Plugin Author hoffcamp


    1 + 2) What I will do is try to find a good plugin for gathering user info, like google analytics or slimstat, and attempt to provide an integration.

    3) Which articles are you talking about?

    tutorials on your site about “create a summary template” and ‘create a form display template”

    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    I see what you mean, the only problem is, do you want to see screenshots of my PHP editor? None of those steps involve the WP admin section, so I don’t know exactly how helpful it would be. Also, if you don’t know PHP, it is going to be an uphill struggle anyway.

    What if I put the completed template code at the end of each tutorial?

    i mean, screenshots of steps how to “Create a form display template”, what does we must do first, and the output in browser.

    by the way, i want to help you to translate in Indonesia, what should i do?

    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    If you want to translate the plugin, download the file “languages/wordpress-form-manager.pot”. You can open the file in a text editor, or using a program such as poedit. If you use a text editor, you will see a bunch of lines that look like this:

    msgid "Form Manager requires WordPress version 3.0 or higher"
    msgstr ""

    The first line tells you what the plugin normally says in English, and the second is where you provide your translation. Just type in the translations and then send me back the file.

    If you use poedit, go to File > New Catalog from POT File, and open wordpress-form-manager.pot. Then just enter the translations for each of the items, save the changes, and send me the .po and .mo files that poedit creates when you save.

    I know that translating is a lot of work, so I really appreciate the help!

    Hi hoffcamp,

    Thanks for the quick update which resolved the activation bug.

    Will you in the near future add the ability for fields to appear upon selecting of a certain checkbox/radio button?

    e.g.: How did you get to know about us?

    1) Diligently searched on the internet
    2) Something about FACEBOOK
    3) Met on the streets
    4) Recommended by a friend/someone who is NOT a customer
    5) Recommended by friend(s) who is/are customers
    -> (Appear only when option 5 is checked) Name of friend(s):
    6) Others (pls specify):
    -> (Appear only when option 6 is checked) Textbox…

    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    I would have to change a lot of behind-the-scenes things to accommodate that kind of functionality into the form logic. You could use some JavaScript in a custom form template that does what you are saying.

    I really like the plugin – it is hard to find one that gets past the “contact form” mentality, and this does the trick.

    That said, is there any way of protecting custom templates from being blown away by upgrades? Or at least warning people about it prior to the upgrade?

    This being said from the perspective of a guy who didn’t have a backup of the template code in his child theme directory (my own fault…) and now gets to re-write it.

    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    Let me apologize, custom templates are not supposed to be overwritten, unless they keep the same filename as one of the default templates. They are supposed to be kept across upgrades, but this is a bit of a hack on my part, and as I’m looking at the FAQ on custom templates I realize I forgot to mention this entirely. Just to make sure, did you save over the default template, or make a new file?

    The good news is I found a copy on localhost, so I didn’t lose the templates — but they DID have unique names, and went missing after an upgrade. I see that there is a new version, perhaps in the last few hours, so I’m gonna upgrade and see what happens! Will report back shortly….

    Nah, they got blown away again…. Thank goodness for backups!

    I don’t know so much about the plugin upgrade mechanics, but if we need to save them in a directory that gets erased and replaced, they will be gone. Unless the directory is scanned for additional templates and then they are saved and re-installed as part of the upgrade…

    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    You are right, this is something I had to program explicitly. It works on my setup but apparently not on yours and I’m not sure why. Could you do a database check, under advanced settings, and look for the additional template under ‘Templates entries’ ?

    They are there – but I re-installed them right after I upgraded, since the form is useless without the summary, and is missing content without the form template….

    they weren’t there when I first noticed the problem, and when I checked the directory they were gone.

    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    Alright. I’m just trying to troubleshoot the problem. If you delete the file directly from your server, does the plugin re-install it? This should also happen if everything is working smoothly. If the template file shows up under the database check, but does not re-install when deleted, that would isolate the problem.

    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    Also, are you able to download .CSV files?

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