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  • How do I go about obtaining the post ID and the post SLUG, from the auto generated posts that Form Manager creates? I have tried every variation, that I’ve been able to find on-line, and I’m getting zero results. Are these two items stored inside of the blob and if so, what are they called so I can access them?

    I have tried, unsuccessfully … the_ID (in case I’m in The Loop), I’ve globalized $post and tried $post->ID, and I’ve even globalized $wp_query and tried $wp_query->post->ID… All of which return absolutely nothing. So then I tried actually putting my template into The Loop and dang if that don’t make everything inside the template that’s inside The Loop just freakin’ vanish. LOL!

    So, I know that the BLOB holds info such as filename and upload_url, because I’m accessing those. But what are the names for the post ID and the post SLUG?

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  • Okay I just figured out how to see what all is in the blob and not much. No ID and no SLUG info. Any idea how I can access the post ID?

    I figured this out too.

    I’d like to get the post id/name from the post that the form submitted from to show in the submission data and the email that’s sent.

    Is that what you’ve figured out how to do? Could you share it please?

    What I found was that I was beating my head on the wall for all the wrong reasons. Working far too hard to find something that simply wasn’t there. When the Form is submitted, at that moment it is processing the template and thus it was attempting to get the ID of the Post that well didn’t exist yet. Once the template is done processing it submits the post and at that point WordPress generates the Post and thus the Post ID exists. So attempting to access the Post ID was never going to work. However I also found that I could pass PHP through an echo from the template to the Post and thus access the Post ID.

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