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    I am searching a way to display an image within the template of Form Manager for displaying within the new generated post.
    With the default template a download link is generated, but I want to display the image of the file-input field.

    I tried to use
    fm_summary_get_item_value($nickname) - get an item's value by nickname

    but this delivers more information, not only the URL.

    Any help is appreciated.


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  • Plugin Author hoffcamp


    Unfortunately the way the files work is kindof weird. The value returned by fm_summary_get_item_value() is an unserialized array containing the filename and other stuff. Try this instead:

    $file = fm_summary_get_item_value('whatever');
    $file = unserialize($file);
    $uploads = wp_upload_dir();
    <img src="<?php echo $uploads['url'].'/'.$file['filename'];?>"/>

    This will only work if you are using %wp_uploads_dir% as the upload directory.

    Thank you! This works perfect.

    Guys, I’m newbie in this kind of trics, so I would like to get some help.

    Template Name: Form Manager Default
    Template Description: The default template for e-mail notifications and summaries
    Template Type: email, summary
    Below are the functions that can be used within a summary template:
    fm_summary_the_title() - the title of the form
    fm_summary_have_items() - works like have_posts() for wordpress themes.  Returns 'true' if there are more items left in the form.
    fm_summary_the_item() - works like the_item() for wordpress themes.  Initializes the current form item.
    fm_summary_the_label() - label of the current form item
    fm_summary_the_type() - type of the current form item (text, textarea, checkbox, custom_list, note, separator, recaptcha, file)
    fm_summary_has_data() - returns true if the form element is a data element (as opposed to a separator, note, etc.)
    fm_summary_the_value() - submitted value of the current form item
    fm_summary_the_timestamp() - timestamp for the current submission
    fm_summary_the_user() - the login name for the current user.  If no user is logged in, this returns an empty string.
    fm_summary_the_IP() - the IP address of the user who submitted the form.
    fm_summary_the_nickname() - the current item's nickname
    fm_summary_get_item_label($nickname) - get an item's label by nickname
    fm_summary_get_item_value($nickname) - get an item's value by nickname
    *NOTE: 'Summary' templates can also be used for e-mails.  Notice that under 'Template Type', both 'email' and 'summary' are listed.  If you want to make a template for e-mail notifications only, then you should only put 'email' under 'Template Type'.
    <?php /* The title of the form */ ?>
    <?php /* The user's first and last name, if there is a logged in user */ ?>
    <?php /* The code below displays each form element, in order, along with the submitted data. */ ?>
    <ul id="fm-summary">
    <?php while(fm_summary_have_items()): fm_summary_the_item(); ?>
    	<?php if(fm_summary_the_type() == 'separator'): ?>
    		<hr />
    	<?php elseif(fm_summary_has_data()): ?>
    		<li<?php if(fm_summary_the_nickname() != "") echo " id=\"fm-item-".fm_summary_the_nickname()."\"";?>><?php echo fm_summary_the_label();?>: <strong><?php echo fm_summary_the_value();?></strong></li>
    	<?php endif; ?>
    <?php endwhile; ?>

    This is my fm-summary-default.php
    Where I have to paste this code and what is ‘whatever’?

    Here is the example how I use it:
    – use it before the “loop” will give you only the image
    – using it within the “loop” will generate the image and the link to the file
    Hope that helps you!

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    mastermillo, you can upload the files necessary for work? or give the code with an explanation: 1) in which to insert the file 2) in a row insert?

    dear cheefa,
    everything you can do is described above or look in / use the pasted code (link) above your comment.
    should be selfexplaining….

    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    I made a change in the file upload. The code to grab the file url is:

    $file = fm_summary_get_item_value('whatever');
    $file = unserialize($file);
    <img src="<?php echo $file['upload_url'].'/'.$file['filename'];?>"/>

    Note that the url is stored with the file array, and there is no call to wp_upload_dir().

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