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  • Hi,

    I made a form with 2 notes. One at the head and the other one at the bottom.
    I named them with nicknames in Form Extra (fm-edit-form, nickname) : head and bottom.
    I want them to appear in summary with names and value. So I call them just like this :

    <?php /* The code below displays each form element, in order, along with the submitted data. */ ?>
    <strong><?php echo fm_summary_get_item_label('head');?></strong>: <?php echo fm_summary_get_item_value('head'); ?>
    <ul id="fm-summary-multi">
    <?php while(fm_summary_have_items()): fm_summary_the_item(); ?>
    	<?php if(fm_summary_the_type() == 'separator'): ?>
    		<hr />
    	<?php elseif(fm_summary_has_data()): ?>
    		<li<?php if(fm_summary_the_nickname() != "") echo " id=\"fm-item-".fm_summary_the_nickname()."\"";?>><?php echo fm_summary_the_label();?>: <strong><?php echo fm_summary_the_value();?></strong></li>
    	<?php endif; ?>
    <?php endwhile; ?>
    <strong><?php echo fm_summary_get_item_label('bottom');?></strong>: <?php echo fm_summary_get_item_value('bottom'); ?>
    <hr />

    But summary will show up only with their nickname, and value is blank !
    The only way I got it working for “bottom” only is by cheating , taking the value in the form directly :

    <strong><?php echo fm_form_the_label('bottom');?></strong>: <?php echo fm_form_the_input('bottom'); ?>

    the “cheat code” doesn’t work for “head”. It generates an error…

    My question is : How to get note in HTML appearing in summary so I can email them ?
    Sorry I’m not a coder.

    Thanks for your help.

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