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    I have used this plug-in on other sites with no issues. However, I am using it on a new site and the plugin installs fine and I can get to the forms page to create a form, but all I can do is add form fields, etc, but I can not edit them, name them, or anything. The only difference with this site and the others is that I’m using Gantry on this site. I’m wondering if there’s a conflict. I turned off the Gantry plug-in and all others, but still have the issue.

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  • morpheus77



    Same problem here. Just installed formmanager and everything works just fine, except editing the form fields. When you click edit it changens into hide, but you can’t edit the text field. I’ve never had installed the e-commerce plugin. I do run wordpress 3.4.1.
    This plugin would be perfect for me if I can get it to work.

    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    Do you have any other plugins installed? Also what theme are you using? (sometimes the themes do things to the post editor, which has side effects on the forms editor)



    I do have other plug-ins installed, but did disable them to see if there was a conflict and there was no conflict. I am using a theme by Rocket Themes. I really love this plug-in and would hope there is a simple fix to it.

    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    Hey I apologize for the late response. I installed the Gantry theme & framework plugin (both 1.24) on my sandbox site and I was still able to edit forms and form fields.

    Would you be willing to copy & paste the HTML output to your browser for the broken form editor page? Send to campbell AT campbellhoffman DOT com and I’ll take a look.

    Usually when the form editor is broke it is because something is adding extra scripts to the form editor page. It can also happen if the default post / page editor is modified in a particular way.

    Hey all — I am working on this issue as well. I’ve made some progress narrowing things down.

    I’m having the exact same problem in the back end: on the “Edit Form” page, the “Add Form Element” area will allow me add and delete elements, but will not allow editing.

    The site I’m working on uses the Grunge theme from RocketTheme. It comes packaged with RokStories.

    Deactivating Gantry doesn’t change the problem. Deactivating RokStories does. RokStories appears to load Gantry’s mootools.js file on every admin page.

    With RokStories activated:

    • on load, fm-admin-main generates a 'TypeError' on line 4618 of /wp-admin/load-scripts.php
    • on load, fm-edit-form generates the same error, same file, lines 2157 & 4619
    • also on load, fm-edit-form generates Uncaught TypeError: Property 'id' of object #<HTML Document> is not a function on line 127 of /wp-content/plugins/gantry/js/mootools.js
    • fm-edit-form: on click “text” to add a new text element generates Uncaught TypeError: Illegal invocation on line 2157 of /wp-admin/load-scripts.php
    • fm-edit-form on click “edit” to edit text element generates the following monster error on line 2191 of /wp-admin/load-scripts.php:
    • `Uncaught TypeError: Object function (b,g){var h=Element.Constructors[b];if(h){return h(g);}if(typeof b!=”string”){return;}if(!g){g={};}if(!(/^[\w-]+$/).test(b)){var e=Slick.parse(b).expressions[0][0];
      b=(e.tag==”*”)?”div”:e.tag;if({;}var d=e.attributes;if(d){for(var f=0,c=d.length;f<c;f++){var a=d[f];if(g[a.key]!=null){continue;
      }if(a.value!=null&&a.operator==”=”){g[a.key]=a.value;}else{if(!a.value&&!a.operator){g[a.key]=true;}}}}if(e.classList&&g[“class”]==null){g[“class”]=e.classList.join(” “);
      }}return document.newElement(b,g);} has no method ‘camelize’`

    With RokStories deactivated, none of these errors occur.

    I really don’t know js from a hole in the ground, but my working theory right now is that all Rok* plugins probably use the same code base, and for whatever reason this code base is loading /gantry/js/mootools.js everywhere on the admin side. Mootools is then throwing a wrench in /wp-admin/load-scripts.php for reasons beyond my expertise — perhaps because it is loading after whatever library load-scripts.php normally uses? I don’t know.

    Plugin incompatibility is rampant with Gantry and I suspect this is what’s causing it, or at least some of it. If I’m right, then any given Rok* plugin may cause any other plugin to fail if it happens to use a function that gets overwritten by mootools. This would explain why no one can ever find anything wrong with Gantry, and why there is no evident rhyme or reason as to which plugins are going to fail — the same plugin may fail, or not, depending upon which Rok* plugins are installed, or not.

    Anyway… that’s my best guess. If anyone cares to try to make some forward progress on this issue I’d surely appreciate it. I have a ton of clients using RocketThemes (not by my encouragement!) and all this nonbillable troubleshooting is going to put me in the poorhouse.

    Also… is that a straight-up, out-and-out screwup in the mootools.js file?? for realz???

    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    The problem is that my admin pages load scriptaculous. Mootools and scriptaculous can’t coexist nicely.

    In a perfect world, the RokStories plugin would only be loading mootools on its own pages.

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