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  • Can you help?
    I’m struggling with a url settings issue in marketpress lite.

    I was excited to find your plugin. I was using wp ecommerce for the ‘demo’ version
    of my site and it was working ok at first, but I’m near the end of a complete revamp of my site and when I upgraded wp & wp ecommerce I ran into a number of glitches with their plugin that I couldn’t resolve or work around.

    So I found & installed it marketpress & was just figuring out how
    to implement everything, close to being up & running again,
    when I ran into a issue I haven’t been able to fix or figure out.
    I’ve spent hours trying to figure it out on my own
    (I’m a relative newbie at this kind of thing ie building things on the net, code, etc)..

    The issue started when I tried to play with/change the url slugs in the store presentation setting page. I removed the default slug words and left the slugs blank –
    thinkingt I’d try that first – as I preferred not to have the words ‘store’, product’, category’
    showing up in the urls (really wanted them to have just the actual name of the category/product).

    Once I did that my products would no longer link properly or at all, so I tried the obvious thing – to put the default words (/store, 11product, ///category) back in the slug boxes.
    But every time I try to do that & ‘save changes’ they just go back to being empty boxes
    and I get a message saying ‘Store base URL conflicts with another page’.

    I’ve repeatedly tried de & re-activating the plugin, as well as numerous tries at deleting and re-installing it. It always opens up to the last settings I made
    (all of them from what I can see – not just the presentation settings)
    – including the blank spaces for url slugs.
    It will not re-install to its default settings.

    I deleted all the product import pages I made from my wp ecommerce shopping cart products.
    I also went in to my host cpanel public_html folders and deleted anything
    I could find to do with market press.
    I looked everywhere I could find throughout my site folders but I couldn’t find
    any other files that looked for sure like they were from this marketpress.
    I tried re-intalls of the plugin again after doing all this. Still the same.

    Then I had my host re-install a back-up of my site made the day before
    (at which point everything was still ok) Still no resolution.
    Shopping cart still re-installs and opens up to last settings I made rather than defaults.
    I also tried resetting my wp custom url settings a # of times..

    So I’m guessing since no matter what I do it reverts to the new settings rather than defaults, marketpress must be storing the new store settings somewhere I can’t find?

    There are a bunch of text/x-generic/php files in my cpanel public_html folder that say
    they were last updated the same afternoon I installed marketpress.
    I thought that might be them – but after opening a least some of them seem to be for/from wordpress itself…
    (though I’m not clear why they would have that date/time on them).
    Is this the issue? Are the settings in one of these files?

    I’m on the verge of doing a ‘nuke & restore’ of my whole site to the version stored the night before all this happened, but obviously this is a bit scary as it was an ‘auto’ back-up & this action has risks.. My host is encouraging me not to do this except as an absolute last resort.
    Can someone help? I so hope so!!!
    I’m was already a bit behind when I planned/needed for getting my site upgrade done, but this has me on complete hold and falling even more behind..

    my site by the way is

    I have wp ecommerce temporarily turned back on but it is running far from satisfactory..

    Speaking of which I’m also wondering if there’s a way to ‘globally’ stop the comments box from showing up on the product pages created when importing my products from wpcommerce? I would never want them to be there/on on a product page anyway,
    (personally I wished wpecommerce upgrade hadn’t included changing into a format where each product had a page..
    I can certainly live with it though, but going through every singe already existing product & turning comments off will take a whole lot of time..

    Despite the issues, I know it must have been a lot of work for you guys to create
    this plugin, and obviously there are still glitches to be worked out,
    so thank you so much for your work on it , offering a version for free (I for one don’t currently have a budget for any of what I’m building right now) & the support you’ve been offering people on the forums!


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  • Hi Tatakwan,

    Very sorry for the delayed reply here but it seems you likely encountered an odd database issue if you can no longer change the settings.

    Not sure if you’d already tried reinstalling WordPress but that would definitely fix it and save you from having to search through the database to find the value to change it there.

    Another thing to try too though, would be to simply reset the permalinks at Settings > Permalinks.


    I think store base url conflicts with another page is your key answer here. Have you cleared out the ‘trash’ – is there a page with the same slug in the trash or somewhere?

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