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  • Issue 1:
    When creating a product post, and selecting the featured image, not
    only it appears in the products page, but also inside the product
    description as well. Very restrictive and not flexible.

    Issue 2:
    Ignoring Issue 1’s flaw, clicking on the said featured image pops up
    in a lightbox fashion. That is not intended and no way to customise
    it, but okay, fine. Ignoring the issue, again, the pop up gets BEHIND
    the official default wordpress theme header. What gives?

    I would appreciate if someone can tell me how to fix this script! I am starting to get annoy by this and if anyone has a better yet similar alternative, please do sound out to the rest of us.

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  • I am coming to the realization that WP plugins for shop use are not adequate compared to dedicated standalone scripts. I am talking about ease of use, installation, maintenance and stability. I could not put my client and myself through the headache on these shop plugins and went with OpenCart.

    Another client is asking me for a WP plugin for Shop use. I am at it again trying to find something. I do not want a plugin which requires an API key. It is just another way of being able to turn your script off. An API key is a development tool, but it also goes against open source ethics in the way it is used to monitor and to control.

    Hiya CyberMew,

    To Issue 1:
    Are you sure you don’t have an image inserted in the post AND as featured image? You shouldn’t need to do both, just use the featured image. I’ve made this same mistake myself on occasion.

    If that’s not the case, it may be something on page.php in your theme. If you provide us with a copy of the code on we can take a look with ya.

    Issue 2:
    This is actually an issue with the way the theme is coded. I was able to replicate this on twentyeleven and found this thread:

    and here:

    Let us know. Thanks!

    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    For issue 2 I believe it was fixed a couple of months back as seen in that ticket, but I haven’t got the time to check the z-order to see if it is indeed fixed. I will do it sometime later.

    As for issue 1, I have 2 separate images, one as featured image, and the other as the product description image. The one being featured is purely for people at the /products/ page where products are listed. It is not supposed to show up inside the product description together with my inserted images. Even if it is (I suggest giving users an option), and that is the current intention of the plugin, it should not appear in a lightbox (or again, at least give users an option).

    Appreciate your help.

    Hiya CyberMew,

    I’m almost certain the z-index is your issue based on the screenshot.

    That double-image display is dictated by your theme though. It’s not something MarketPress does by default. If you can provide us with a link to your site or the code in your theme’s page.php via we can have a look with you.


    Hi, you are right, the issue is indeed related to the z-index. That issue is now okay.

    As for the double-image, they are really 2 separate jpg files. Anyway, I have uploaded the page.php here:

    Thanks again.

    Sorry for the delay.

    MarketPress does provide you with a setting to turn off the lightbox feature for the featured posts. You can find this under Single Product Settings on Store Settings>Presentation.

    Just toggle “Show Image Lightbox” to no.

    I see where the featured image is displaying on the single pages. This is how the plugin is meant to work by default. You can configure the size in the same area as above, but you’d have to write a custom snippet (like in your theme’s function.php) to turn off the image altogether.


    It wasn’t the theme’s fault. I simply fixed it by going into


    Went to function product_theme($content)

    and commented out the line 1411:

    //add thumbnail
        //$content = mp_product_image( false, 'single' ) . $content;

    Such a simple fix, luckily I found it myself by luck.

    Hope this helps someone else!

    Thanks CyberMew!
    This worked beautifully, thanks for posting your fix!!

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