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  • Hi all,

    I need to set up an ecommerce system for events where the buyer can make a deposit of a set amount and later (prior to the event, obviously) pay the balance.

    I *thought* I had it figured out with your system – create two variations, one with full payment and one for deposit only – but if they pay the deposit there’s no obvious way (to me) to mark them as partially paid for the full amount. Got any ideas on how to handle this?


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  • Hi folks,

    I generally like this plugin, but need to do some tweaks to make it work for my client.

    As noted above, we need to give buyers the option of paying a deposit (25%) instead of the full payment amount as we’re selling high dollar items in limited quantities. They won’t be delivered until paid in full, but we need to offer the opportunity to reserve.

    I’ve done some poking around in the code and I’ve created a separate Paypal gateway which I’ve named paypal-deposit, and it’s passing the full amount through to PayPal as expected. I need a little code help prying apart the amounts and names before they get to PayPal so I can adjust them by adding the word “Deposit” to the name and multiply the amount by .25. It appears that can be done between lines 280 and 298 in plugins-gateway/paypal-deposit.php (a clone of paypal-express.php with various names changed).

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    Any suggestions as to how I would change that code to accomplish my goal?


    Hi billc108,

    As with your prior post, this is more of a complex and specific edit. I’ll check with the developers and see if they might be able to provide a bit of guidance on it.


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