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  • Version: It first occurred with or whatever was the most recent before this last upgrade. — I saw the problem, thought upgrading might fix it. Didn’t. So now the version is

    #1) Did not have permission to view it & Log didn’t show up as an admin menu option.

    I did most of the regular stuff
    – yes i am logged in as admin
    – upgraded
    – deactivated and reactivated
    – got Capabilities manager, unchecked and checked
    – I also tried other roles, to set the permissions for those but no good.

    Finally I edited line 162 of wp-download-monitor.php so it would show the Log submenu link no matter what.

    (Removed if (get_option(‘wp_dlm_log_downloads’)==’yes’) )

    So that’s problem #1.

    #2 Now I can see the log page. It stopped logging 2 weeks ago (July 9 2010). There are only 9 logged, all from us internally testing. So once upon a time it was working. We are positive there have been downloads since.

    I also looked in the database, and the records there are the same ones that show up on the Log page.

    ** I don’t want to delete all the way, because it was time-consuming to set it all up **

    – Was there a change that happened around July 9?

    – I can’t see why it would just stop logging.

    Anyway, need a fix. Client is N.O.T. happy.


    It logged for a

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  • I just noticed that the NUMBER of downloads DOES update, on the “Edit Downloads” page.

    But not showing which user and when, under Download Logs.

    I tried disabling other plugins, but no luck.


    I had Log Timeout set at the default of 0, because I want to track everything.

    But when I changed it to “1”–it started logging the user!

    So does this mean if someone downloads more than one item within one minute, only the first is recorded?

    What if they download 3 different things within that one minute?



    * If user clicks the same download within the timeout, only one is recorded in the statistics-Edit Downloads page and only one in the Download Logs page

    * If user clicks different downloads within the timeout period, each download is counted, once per download.



    Update is correct. It should log once in the timeout interval for each download.

    If, as you claim, 0 is causing nothing to be logged then that is an error I must address.

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