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Stopped Logging. Not showing Log link. Arg! (4 posts)

  1. jamespro
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Version: It first occurred with or whatever was the most recent before this last upgrade. -- I saw the problem, thought upgrading might fix it. Didn't. So now the version is

    #1) Did not have permission to view it & Log didn't show up as an admin menu option.

    I did most of the regular stuff
    - yes i am logged in as admin
    - upgraded
    - deactivated and reactivated
    - got Capabilities manager, unchecked and checked
    - I also tried other roles, to set the permissions for those but no good.

    Finally I edited line 162 of wp-download-monitor.php so it would show the Log submenu link no matter what.

    (Removed if (get_option('wp_dlm_log_downloads')=='yes') )

    So that's problem #1.

    #2 Now I can see the log page. It stopped logging 2 weeks ago (July 9 2010). There are only 9 logged, all from us internally testing. So once upon a time it was working. We are positive there have been downloads since.

    I also looked in the database, and the records there are the same ones that show up on the Log page.

    ** I don't want to delete all the way, because it was time-consuming to set it all up **

    - Was there a change that happened around July 9?

    - I can't see why it would just stop logging.

    Anyway, need a fix. Client is N.O.T. happy.


    It logged for a


  2. jamespro
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I just noticed that the NUMBER of downloads DOES update, on the "Edit Downloads" page.

    But not showing which user and when, under Download Logs.

    I tried disabling other plugins, but no luck.

  3. jamespro
    Posted 6 years ago #


    I had Log Timeout set at the default of 0, because I want to track everything.

    But when I changed it to "1"--it started logging the user!

    So does this mean if someone downloads more than one item within one minute, only the first is recorded?

    What if they download 3 different things within that one minute?



    * If user clicks the same download within the timeout, only one is recorded in the statistics-Edit Downloads page and only one in the Download Logs page

    * If user clicks different downloads within the timeout period, each download is counted, once per download.

  4. Mike
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Update is correct. It should log once in the timeout interval for each download.

    If, as you claim, 0 is causing nothing to be logged then that is an error I must address.

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