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  • I’ve been using this plugin for a while and recently started using Amazon S3/Cloudfront to store files for download. I put the Cloudfront URL in the “Mirrors” section of each download.

    It seems like as soon as I do this, the file is only served from the mirror location. I tested this before and after adding the URL — when the mirror URL is missing, the local copy is served. When the mirror URL is added, only the mirror copy is served.

    Am I misunderstanding the way mirror sites work? I assumed that the file would be served randomly from both the local copy and the mirror sites.

    If the file is only going to be served from the mirror sites, why does the plugin require a local copy be uploaded?


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  • I recently implemented a CDN recently for my site although I have not yet had a chance to play with mirror location setting available for this plugin.

    The way I understand CDN’s to work is that once you have it enabled that’s where users are redirected to.

    The redirection is exactly that and if you were wanting a random redirection or perhaps a conditional redirection then you would have to implement this through your .htaccess file.

    Understood. Then why does the plugin require a local copy?

    Right above the Mirrors section there’s a section for the file, where you either upload the file or specify the filepath. If you specify a mirror location, the local file is never going to be served. The only purpose it serves is to use up my allotted disk space.

    Tonight I’ll try and remove some of the local copies and see if that affects my ability to download them. If it’s possible, then I’ll simply remove the local copies.

    OK, I deleted the local copies of my files and there doesn’t seem to be any ill effect. The plugin still serves the file from Cloudfront, but I don’t need to keep a local copy.

    It’s a clumsy workaround, though — upload the file in order to add the download to the plugin, input the Cloudfront URL as a mirror, then remove it afterwards.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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