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  • Hi,

    Have just upgraded from 3.2.1 to latest 3.2.2 and there appears to be an issue after upgrading the plugin.

    I mainly use to [download_page] feature and on the page I have this shortcode included ( the followinbg error is always displayed at the top of the screen:

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘)’ at line 3]

    Have recreated the DLM database and also recreated permalinks, emptied browser cache and logged out. Still the same error.

    Any feedback on others experiencing this issue after 3.2.2 upgrade would be greatly appreciated.



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  • I can add another issue. When I updated to 3.2.2 the ability to upload or add existing downloads are gone. When I try to add something from within the post page, i’ll get this in dialog

    You do not have permission to upload files/downloads.

    Also seeing this error message on various WP admin screens since the upgrade:

    An unexpected HTTP Error occurred during the API request.
    Try again


    @dcktheone and anybody else experiencing issues with the file browser on the ‘Add Existing’ page: If you have access, update the file at wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/wp-download_monitor.php and change Line 165 from:
    root_dir: '<?php echo get_option('wp_dlm_file_browser_root'); ?>',

    root: '<?php echo get_option('wp_dlm_file_browser_root'); ?>',

    This is a temporary fix and will be overwritten if you update the plugin (hopefully this will be sorted in the next update anyway!).

    Also make sure you have set the file browser root to a folder that you have access to in Downloads > Configuration > General Options > File Browser Root. This needs to be in file system form, not a URL.

    Still no luck, I cannot add new existing download (or any other).



    dcktheone – Deactivate and reactivate. If you are using a role plugin then re-apply the settings there too. The capabilities had to be renamed in this version as they were too long.

    Admin is the only level which can add downloads by default, if you want other user levels to be able to do so then you need a plugin (there is a link to a good one in the readme).

    Looking into the other issues.



    Ok, fixed the query errors and will update asap. I did not see them, apologies.

    rschilt – I think your http problems are unrelated



    sklang – thanks for noticing the root/root_dir thing – I must have used search and replace and forgot about it.

    @jolley_small no problem, I just checked the JS file which was nicely commented and included a list of arguments 🙂

    Great plugin by the way, I’m using it to monitor podcast downloads and also populate the MP3 player’s playlist (made a little script to query the download monitors DB tables) on my brother’s site:



    @sklang glad its useful 🙂

    Hi @jolley_small, I believe your plugin will be great for organising a downloading site I am trying to build, however I am having trouble using the ‘post page uploader’, it says as the user above has posted:

    You do not have permission to upload files/downloads.

    I have read above and deactivated and activated but no luck, I also looked at:
    wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/wp-download_monitor.php to alter the code however the code on line 165 has changed since that must have been posted. Reading about what sklang above said about the file browser root, I haven’t altered that but i’m not sure if that is the problem, it currently says: /homepages/27/d248611415/htdocs/marketing/

    I wondered if you have any ideas, why this might not be working? Thanks

    I’m having the same issues. So just wanted to bump this. (Exact same as @lauraalder

    Hey Laura, or anyone else:

    Developer site:
    Either wait for next version, or edit uploader.php line 92 and remove:

    || !current_user_can(‘user_can_add_exist_download’)

    That full line is originally:

    if (!current_user_can('upload_files') || !current_user_can('user_can_add_new_download') || !current_user_can('user_can_add_exist_download'))

    And should be:

    if (!current_user_can('upload_files') || !current_user_can('user_can_add_new_download'))

    thank is OK.

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