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  • I have been working on a site locally within an XAMPP Setup on my windows box. When installing your plugin it created tables that were all lower case, like this: “wp_dlm_cats”.

    But, when I moved the site over to my LAMP box on a live domain, somehow the plugin created new tables which looked like this:


    Since they were all empty (my data was in the lower case versions) none of my downloads displayed.

    So, did a dump of just the lower case version with all the data. Changed the create lines to be upper case, cleared my live site of all dlm/DLM tables and imported the ones (with upper case in the table names) into my site. Now everything works.

    My question is, why is this going on. I assume its a bug? Maybe an incompatibility with 2.8 (I just upgraded). I cant see a reason for this. If it is download monitor, its probably an easy fix? If you point me to the line where its happening I could probably figure it out.

    Nice work with the plugin in general.

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  • Mike


    They are supposed to be in caps like you listed – I really should make them lower case so this type of problem does not occur but making that compatible with everyones existing databases is going to be a royal pain in the ass. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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