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  • Plugin Contributor Mike Jolley


    My commits got screwed up by github, just fixed it up

    sorry, what do you mean? My english is not so good….

    Did you fix the issue?

    ok, thanks a lot! I upgraded and now it works.

    Bye 😉

    Thanks for your great work, mike. Its a fantastic plugin. Could you put in settings gui of plugin one option for direct download so we can skip the download_page with the button download? Something like force download but not to display the page with the button and the description of the downloads from [download_page].

    Sorry for my poor English, I’m Spanish and thank you very much friend.

    The knowledge about us as in truth.

    how do we fix this?????

    In the subdirectory page-addon, the page download-monitor-page-addon.php change this:

    1. Find the line 290 and put this:

    if (!empty($downloads)) {
    		    $page .= '<ul>';
    		    foreach($downloads as $d) {
    		        $page .= '<li><a href='.do_shortcode('[download id="'.$d->id.'" format="{url}"]'). ' target="_blank">'. $d->title.'</a></li>';
    			//  Original . "'.do_shortcode('[download id="'.$d->id.'" format="{url}"]').'" target="_blank"
    		   $page .= '</ul>';

    2. In the line 385 put this:

    $page .= do_shortcode('[downloads query="exclude='.implode(',',$exclude_array).'&limit='.$per_page.'&orderby='.$orderby.'&order='.$order.'&offset='.$from.'&category=none" format="'.htmlspecialchars($format). '"]');
    // Original. format="'.htmlspecialchars(str_replace('{url}',wp_dlmp_append_url('did=').'{id}',$format)).'"]');

    3. In the line 473 put this:

    $page .= do_shortcode('[downloads query="exclude='.implode(',',$exclude_array).'&limit='.$per_page.'&orderby='.$orderby.'&order='.$order.'&offset='.$from.'&category='. $cat->id.'" format="'.htmlspecialchars($format). '"]');
    // Original do_shortcode('[downloads query="exclude='.implode(',',$exclude_array).'&limit='.$per_page.'&orderby='.$orderby.'&order='.$order.'&offset='.$from.'&category=none" format="'.htmlspecialchars(str_replace('{url}',wp_dlmp_append_url('did=').'{id}',$format)).'"]');
    // Original. do_shortcode('[download id="'.$d->id.'" format="{url}"]')

    4. In the line 728 put this:

    // Get top downloads
    $downloads = get_downloads('limit='.$pop_count.'&orderby=hits&order=desc&exclude='.implode(',',$exclude_array).'');
    if (!empty($downloads)) {
    $alt = -1;
        foreach($downloads as $d) {
        if ($alt==1) $alttext = 'alternate'; else $alttext = '';
            $date = date("d/m/Y", strtotime($d->date));
            if ($d->version) $version = __('Version',"wp-download_monitor").' '.$d->version; else $version = '';
             if ($d->desc) $desc = do_shortcode(wptexturize(wpautop(current(explode('<!--more-->', $d->desc))))); else $desc = "";
    $thumbnail_url = $d->thumbnail;
    if (!$thumbnail_url) $thumbnail_url = $wp_dlmp_root.'thumbnail.gif';
    $page .= '<li class="'.$alttext.'"><a href="'.do_shortcode('[download id="'.$d->id.'" format="{url}"]').'" target="_blank" title="'.$version.' '.__('Downloaded',"wp-download_monitor").' '.$d->hits.' '.__('times',"wp-download_monitor").'"><span><img src="'.$thumbnail_url.'" class="download-thumbnail" alt="'.strip_tags($d->title).'" title="'.strip_tags($d->title).'" /></span><span>'.$d->title.'</span></a></li>';
    // Change for show direct pdf.
    // Original "'.wp_dlmp_append_url('did='.$d->id).'"

    5. In the line 780 put this:

    foreach ($sized_tags as $tag=>$count) {
    $size = 80 + (($max-($max-($count-$min)))*$multiplier);
    $page .= '<li style="font-size:'.$size.'%"><a href="'.do_shortcode('[download id="'.$d->id.'" format="{url}"]').'" target="_blank"></a>'.$tag.' </li>';
    // Original. "'.wp_dlmp_append_url('dltag='.urlencode(strtolower($tag))).'">

    6. In the line 819 put this:

    $page .= do_shortcode('[downloads query="exclude='.implode(',',$exclude_array).'&limit='.$pop_cat_count.'&orderby=hits&order=desc&category='.$cat->id.'" wrap="" format="'.htmlspecialchars($format). '"]');
    // Original. format="'.htmlspecialchars(str_replace('{url}',wp_dlmp_append_url('did=').'{id}',$format)).'"]');

    7. In the line 848 put this:

    if ($pop_cat_count>0) {
        $page .= '<ol>';
        $page .= do_shortcode('[downloads query="exclude='.implode(',',$exclude_array).'&limit='.$pop_cat_count.'&orderby=hits&order=desc&category=none" wrap="" format="'.htmlspecialchars($format). '"]');
    // Original. format="'.htmlspecialchars(str_replace('{url}',wp_dlmp_append_url('did=').'{id}', $format)).'"]');
    $page .= '</ol>';}

    I have the same problem. I can’t found text/button donwload link.

    After I click the category directory (, then click the file with url address: there is no text/image download links at all.

    But, when my internet connection is slow, it visible. when the page fully loaded the links disappeared again.

    Sorry for my bad english.

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