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  • I am having trouble figuring out the Add From Directory and Toggle Folder Browser feature. Does anybody have this successfully working?

    I do not see anything in the Toggle Folder Browser and every path I put in says No files found.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I am having this problem when installing this plugin in my localhost, however it’s running successfully in my website. I want to know how to solve this problem too since I want to test a lot of things in localhost before uploading them to my live website

    I am also having this problem.

    Has anyone managed to solve this?


    sorry forgot to tick the update via email!

    Has anyone figured out a fix to this? I’ve tried moving documents all around the server. I can navigate directly to them through the browser, so I’m assuming the download-monitor would see it too. I have a ton of documents to port over and this would save a lot of time.


    I still have no solution for this.

    I reached out to Mike Jolley and he indicated that he was unable to assist at this time due to his current workload.

    In the meantime, I wanted to share a workaround for those familiar with SQL …

    Couple prep items:
    First, be sure all of your documents are on the server where you want them. Second, be sure you’ve created all the categories you want.

    Then …
    I created a script that I ran in MYSQL to insert all the rows into the wp_download_files table. I created a script using excel and its concatenate feature which allows me to drop in the title, name and description (and anything else you need) and quickly generate the insert statements needed. I pasted this into SQL and ran it.

    From here, I selected the ids of the newly generated records in order to insert the rows into the relationships table for associating the records with the corresponding categories. I put all of these into a script of insert statements and ran it.

    Tada! All is right with the world and we are good to go. This worked for me and I thought I’d share it.

    Note: Mike did say that one thing to look at on your server is if you are running PHP5 – if not, this could be the problem. This feature only runs with PHP5.

    I can’t seem to make it work either. I wasn’t actually planning on manually uploading 1000+ jpegs so I’d really appreciate some support on this.

    What exactly is the directory relative to anyway? No matter what I enter, it always returns the “No files found”.

    I managed to make it work again (in my case); the File Browser Root value in the Configuration was wrong and that broke the Directory/Toggle Folders functionality. Apparently the directory set in Add Directory is relative to the File Browser Root value, and somehow mine got messed up (it wasn’t the full absolute path). So now I can browse through the folders again 🙂

    Hope this helped!

    Think we might have found the problem:

    In /download-monitor/js/jqueryFileTree/connectors/jqueryFileTreeDir.php
    We changed every require_once to require
    Then changed line 42 to be
    $_POST['dir'] = rtrim(urldecode($_POST['dir']),'/').'/';

    That’s got it working here!

    @Chintaru, could you explain what value you changed and to what please?

    I replaced
    “$files = scandir($root_dir . $_POST[‘dir’]);”
    “$_POST[‘dir’] = rtrim(urldecode($_POST[‘dir’]),’/’).’/’;”

    but that didn’t work for me

    any ideas why?



    I changed the File Browser Root value under Configuration > General Options, it’s supposed to contain the full absolute path to the root of the website. Mine didn’t contain the full absolute path before somehow and that’s what broke Add from Directory for me. To find out the absolute path of your website, just paste this in a .php file, upload the file to your website and run it in your browser:

    <?php echo $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; ?>

    My Toggle Folder was also broken.

    Deactivating / reactivating the plugin & then and changing the File Browser Root value (as described by Chintaru) worked for me.


    Hhhhhmmm I have already added loads of files…. deactivating and activating the plugin, would that remove the files?

    @Chintaru I added the absolute path to teh setting page. Still can’t see the file browser

    added a folder called test. then in the add directory option I added \test

    pressed scan and add, no files found. weird.


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