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  • Plugin Author Shahjada


    it may be an issue with your server.

    I have the similar problem. Tried with pdf or zip files, 40MB each.
    Downloading starts but never finish, for some reason it stops at 10 or 15 seconds

    Tried several filesize and looks as 5MB is the maximum or maybe it is a timeout somewhere.

    Any suggestions?


    I tested a 2.2Mb file and it also failed.

    Plugin Author Shahjada


    @gleon, it could be a problem with your server, but i need to check it in your site to be sure, as its working fine for me even file is larger then 1 gb

    I have already asked my server provider and they did not have a solution for me. They told me is a blog problem

    You can check at:

    password are: malkiel and syberian


    @shahnur: That’s a BS answer and you know it. You need to include support for uploading large files via FTP. Many servers are not going to allow large amounts of memory to upload files through the plugin.

    @jmarino715 @shahnur Alam
    The problem doesn’t seem to be uploading – it’s downloading
    Having said that, A lot of shared hosting services do limit php uploads, some can be changed in .htaccess or config.ini, many cannot.

    I would tend to agree with Shahnur the first step is to look at the hosting/server configuration, and also at WordPress config for the site.
    Gleon’s problem may be WordPress config if the hosting service says the file size is within accepted limits. Try changing timeout to some higher limit or set no timeouts (may cause other problems though)
    I’ve also often heard this from hosting services “its the site fault, not our setup” Sometimes it’s true, mostly the hosting service is “Full of It”

    @jmarino715 That’s NOT necessarily a BS answer… I spent over 2 hours with a very knowledgeable/helpful hostgator support staff member trying to troubleshoot this issue.

    What we found was that it is the plugin causing this problem.

    At first we thought the file was getting corrupted due to an uplpoad limit. So we raised the upload limit to 256MB and any files over 50MB were still experiencing corrupted download behavior.

    We could tell that this was not an upload issue because ftp was showing the correct filesize as well as the plugin via shortcode displaying the file info.

    mikeotgaar is on the money, it IS downloading where this issue is occurring. However, I believe something happens to the file when it is imported or becomes a package. Anything larger than 50MB seems to break the plugin’s download functionality. Keep in mind that hostgator told me that downloads are not limited, only uploads.

    I have not found a solution to this issue and still am looking, maybe I will find another plugin to replace this one.

    Other than this particular issue, I find this plugin to be very useful…

    Upon further inspection it seems that this issue is caused by a conflict with the W3 Total Cache plugin.

    Disabling this plugin allows me to download files larger than 50MB.

    The trick now is to figure out what can be adjusted in order to keep both plugins Active…

    If anyone has any insight on this issue please don’t hesitate to reply.


    Seejaeger I could almost kiss you right now!

    You have resolved half of my problem! The existing downloads now work again after disabling w3 total cache, HOWEVER I am trying to add a new download on another page but it will not work.

    I insert the download into the page but the button just does not appear at all?

    Any ideas anyone??? The website is

    Plugin Author Shahjada


    to everyone, w3tc fix coming with next update ( hopefully within next 7 days )

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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