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[Plugin: WordPress CSV Importer] Plugin Getting Easier?

  • I’m currently watching Version 0.2.2 uploading as I type this. Ryan worked for a week, mostly work applying to the paid edition but free users will see some nice changes.

    Ryan showed me a new notice boxes called “Next Step”. Fair enough, it is a small thing. However it is a good indication that the plugin is to get easier to use. The Next Step notifications will appear after submitting forms or if a problem has been dedicated. They will suggest where you should go and sometimes they will be clickable. So the plugin essentially guides users. This has only be introduced, it has not been applied throughout the plugin. Once it is applied, I think the plugin will be very easy to use.

    Ryan told me he is also going to work on the Questions and Answers page (Questions System) in the next few days. That is the page where answering none complicated or technical questions will configure the plugins interface to suit the users needs. Does any other plugin do such a thing? I don’t think so. You read it here first and it is in WordPress CSV Importer. A system to configure the plugin to suit your needs based on your answers, which you can change at a time also. The question approach works great, I can’t wait until Ryan has completed it.

    We don’t like talking about the paid edition on these forums but I#m going to mention a key change. Scheduling and automation is now running. True auto-blogging or drip-feeding as you may know is now in action.

    All Google ads were removed from free edition. Another step towards contributing a useful and enjoyable tool for the WordPress community. We will not be adding ads too the plugin again other than our own services.


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  • Hi Zara, I just installed, but can’t get the upload CSV to work?

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    Hey its Ryan here I will handle this.

    Any error or specifics on what is happening?

    Could you also confirm that it is a .csv file, if it is not please let us know so we know there is no bug. A lot of users do this it is to be expected. The issue could be not enough messages explaining it on the interface or something.

    If it is not that then any details would be very welcome and I will get on it straight away then release a new version quickly with fixes.

    Thanks for trying our plugin.

    Hi Ryan,

    I actually bought it as well. I can not get the upload panels to load. Emailed you as well with login info.

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    Thank you for providing admin login. This issue is priority so it will be worked on until resolved.

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    rtysmith, I have made some progress. I will release a new version later today.

    One cause (can’t know for sure there is not a second fault at this stage) of the plugin interface not working is your server being on PHP Version: 5.2.17

    The entire WordPress CSV Importer plugin does not require 5.3 but some functions in use are 5.3 only. A couple of the functions are very efficient compared to the alternative methods in 5.2

    I can get around the error I’m looking at right now. It is to do with a feature that establishes how old CSV files are and displays the time format in a human readable way. Good chance you won’t need that so I can disable it when PHP 5.2 is detected.

    My own hosting has offered 5.2 and 5.3 for many months now. It takes a few seconds to switch between them by editing the htaccess file, providing your server is ready. Something to keep in mind.

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    Here is a link to a discussion going over the exact issue…


    OK, I’m on php 5.4 now, but same issue

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    May be more than one issue however I’ve never once tested 5.4.

    No doubt there are depreciated functions in PHP 5.4, I’ll do what I can. About to release a new version for 5.2

    OK, please update the me once released. Or feel free to upgrade and test on admin info I sent to you.

    Also, did you get my notes about buying the plugin and easy csv?


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    The function I found to be causing a problem, is new to 5.3 so I would be surprise if it is the same cause of any issues when using 5.4!

    I did find one other bug today though. I emailed you the latest version, hopefully there is improvement.

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