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  • Good question. And one I just came to post myself.

    Scratch that. Seems I can select options from the main domain, then go to the Network Admin space to upgrade and I am currently running the nightly build. So it works, It could just use a bit of Multisite love in order to make the selection process easier.

    Just to point out a further issue. You can change you options on the main domain page to the nightly build setting, but then, with the plugin activated network wide, on every subdomain you will see an error that says: Error: Your current WordPress Beta Tester plugin configuration will downgrade your install to a previous version – Please reconfigure it. Given that you can’t upgrade (or downgrade) a blog on a multisite install from a subdomain, it probably isn’t an issue.

    So the plugin certainly works in Multisite, but is obviously not coded for Multisite.

    Thnx for all your extra info. Still itdoesn;t work for me. I was trying to get 3.4 RC today but I when I upgrade it says:

    “Downloading update from…

    After updating I get a welcome message:
    “Welcome to WordPress 3.3.2”

    3.3.2 is the same version I am using already all the time…

    Odd. It worked for me. Here was my process.
    Go to the main domain dashboard (not the Network Admin)
    Go to Tools/Beta Tester
    Select Nightly Builds
    Then go to Network Admin
    In the bottom right corner it should say something about beta testing, and that you are cool. Click on the link there that checks for an update.
    From there, for me, it updated to 3.4.

    It’s obviously not coded for Multisite use, but I was able to get it to work.

    No idea what I did wrong the last time. But this time it worked! Now running beta and time to break things to get the bugs crawling out.

    I installed it on a subsite but it changed the root site code and not the sub!!!
    I mean: the installation was in that is still in WP3.3.2; I got WP3.4RC1 on the site
    Even more: the upgrade changes files rights to 644, but my host needs 755; this was really a pain before I discover this (server 500 error)

    well… that isn’t all that weird.. your entire network uses the same basis installation of WP. That is the fun of a multi-site network. So, of course when you update, you update your entire network.

    On the bright side it takes away the pain of having to maintain several websites separately.

    This is not my case; I didn’t installed a multisite, but TWO different WP code. Abs path for the first is e.g.:
    that contains
    the second is in
    and contains again:

    but probably this is not a good idea in WP… (I’m a newbie in WP)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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