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  • Hi all,

    I’m using wordpress backup to dropbox (last version and last wp version too). When I click backup now, it shows:

    Backup Progress
    Uploading File: /home/wind4web/public_html/dp/modules/forum/forum.css
    Back to options

    That’s it.
    First issue: it is a wrong folder that is being uploaded.
    Second: it doesn’t upload it at all.

    Any idea?
    Many thanks

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  • Are you sure that this plugin is authorized in your dropbox account?

    Yes, I unlinked my account and authorized it back. Still behaving the same way 🙁

    I am using google chrome and having no problems, maybe that is a solution. You also need to make sure you have enough space on your dropbox account.

    Plugin Contributor Michael De Wildt


    Gday panuma,

    The plugin will grab every file in your WordPress root directory. For you this appears to be ‘/home/wind4web/public_html’.

    Are any files being uploaded to Dropbox?
    What is your PHP memory limit set to?


    Hi Michael,

    My PHP memory limit is set to 64M, that should be more than enough right?
    There is no file uploaded to dropbox at all.
    It seems that the plugin tries to upload the dp directory only:
    Uploading File: /home/wind4web/public_html/dp/modules/forum/forum.css

    It sounds like a bug, doesn’t it?

    Plugin Contributor Michael De Wildt


    Gday panuma,

    64M is plenty for a normal WP install.

    That is not a bug. It uploads each file individually alphabetically. Id say ‘dp’ is at the top of your file tree.

    The only thing that I can think of is that you server is not allowing the cron task to run.

    Do you have wp-cron enabled?

    Thanks for helping Michael!

    Would the cron task not work correctly, I should still be able to click the “backup now” button to launch backup manually, right?

    It seems that the plugin does start the backing up process by uploading a file but immediately abort.

    Regarding the wp-cron, I have a wp-cron.php file:

     * WordPress Cron Implementation for hosts, which do not offer CRON or for which
     * the user has not set up a CRON job pointing to this file.
     * The HTTP request to this file will not slow down the visitor who happens to
     * visit when the cron job is needed to run.
     * @package WordPress
    if ( !empty($_POST) || defined('DOING_AJAX') || defined('DOING_CRON') )
     * Tell WordPress we are doing the CRON task.
     * @var bool
    define('DOING_CRON', true);
    if ( !defined('ABSPATH') ) {
    	/** Set up WordPress environment */
    if ( false === $crons = _get_cron_array() )
    $keys = array_keys( $crons );
    $local_time = time();
    if ( isset($keys[0]) && $keys[0] > $local_time )
    foreach ($crons as $timestamp => $cronhooks) {
    	if ( $timestamp > $local_time )
    	foreach ($cronhooks as $hook => $keys) {
    		foreach ($keys as $k => $v) {
    			$schedule = $v['schedule'];
    			if ($schedule != false) {
    				$new_args = array($timestamp, $schedule, $hook, $v['args']);
    				call_user_func_array('wp_reschedule_event', $new_args);
    			wp_unschedule_event($timestamp, $hook, $v['args']);
     			do_action_ref_array($hook, $v['args']);

    In my config.php, wp-cron is not mentioned anywhere.



    Hello there,
    Just a quick update for those of you who haven’t realised it yet – The issue of not backing up is coming from the wp-cron.php which apparently is not working properly starting from WP 2.7
    I had a different issue with cron as my scheduled posts kept missing schedule – I googled the issue and I came across a plugin to fix it and explanation of the issue. After applying the fix it worked like a charm, and my posts started to publish again – and then it hit me yesterday at 1 o’clock in the morning in front of some movie – maybe that is also the reason that my wp backup to dropbox was not backing up as well ???
    I checked this morning and my folders were backed up easy to Dropbox so I can tell you that – yes it is the issue linked to wp-cron. The fix is very easy and there is not a lot to do – literally exchanging 2 files with the equivalents from the older version.
    You can check it out on the plugin page just go through the article and you’ll see that it makes sense.
    I hope this helps you guys !! Just to be clear – it does the job for those of you who installed the wp backup to dropbox and the plugin is not doing anything even when you chose to backup now. I never had any visible errors so please don’t think that it’s the ultimate solution for every problem.

    I had issues and for me it was changing these three values in my php.ini file.

    Not sure which one did it so I will post them all. 🙂


    Well I though it fixed it. Ugg.

    It backed up wp-atom.php to dropbox then gives me this error

    “Backup warning on 2011-12-14 at 12:40:10: file ‘core’ exceeds 40 percent of your PHP memory limit. The limit must be increased to back up this file.”

    Thing is, I have no idea what the ‘core’ file is. Hmmm.


    So to conclude, no solutions?
    It’s been 6 months now, new version for WP and the plugin and the problem still exist.
    Any solution?


    Don’t bother with this plugin. I found BackWPup and it works great. Backs up server side, email, dropbox, amazon s3 and google storage if you want, plus others.

    Plugin Contributor Michael De Wildt


    BackWPup is a great plugin with a complicated interface (IMO). If you can get it to work, go for it.

    Regarding wp-cron: You can test its working by scheduling a post in the future. If a scheduled post does not work, then nor will wpb2d.

    @mrkingid: These settings look good and your should be able to backup your site with them.

    I am not sure what core is but it looks like a large file and cannot be uploaded unless your bump your memory limit up.

    Thank you guys, will try this BackWPup soon.

    Ok, this is working but how do you restore from this backups once needed? Manually?

    Never mind, found it.

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