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  • A restore isn’t automated. It simply backs up the files into the folder you specify on dropbox, and the database file is located in wp-content/backups by default.


    Can you share how to actually restore the backed up files from the dropbox folder back into wordpress?

    Plugin Author Michael De Wildt


    I plan to write a tutorial on how to do this in the coming weeks.

    Watch this space!

    Has anyone developed a tutorial on restoring from the backup? I am fairly inexperienced but backed up my site using WP backup to Dropbox, it appeared to make a complete backup, but now am unable to get site back up. With a clean install of WordPress today, I uploaded the wp-content folder from the dropbox backup, replacing the clean install wp-content folder with the backed up version. Is there something else I now need to do? Sorry if this is a duplicate question or way off base. Thanks for any help.

    did you get an error messages? are you using a theme? do you have have ssh access to the server or just ftp? is this the same host or a different host? are your php settings the same?

    lots of factors could be keeping you from restoring from the backup – give us more details maybe we can help

    I see Michael promised to post a tutorial on how to perform a restore using the files saved with WordPress Backup to Dropbox about a month ago. This is *very* fundamental information and would certainly be appreciated! Those of us who are fairly new to WP (and that includes me) and have only rudimentary ‘puter skills definitely need a step-by-step guide. The backup does absolutely no good without knowing how to restore.

    PLEASE do add this critical information ASAP! (BTW, if it makes any diff, I’m using the Weaver theme – Thanks to all the experienced techies who generously share their knowledge with the rest of us!

    It IS a little funny to see a backup plugin without a shred of documentation on how to restore your site from what it creates. Here’s the deal with this plugin as far as I can tell. It basically takes your public HTML folder and dumps it onto your dropbox account in a directory “WordPressBackup.” In order to restore from this, all you have to do is upload the contents of the directory to the public_html directory on your server. You can do this via FTP or the upload tool in your C-Panel. It’s important to note that (again, as far as I can tell) this tool does nothing to back up your databases which you should take care of using PhpMyAdmin in your C-Pannel as well. Overall I like the plugin, I think it’s a sharp idea; it’s just lacking some critical documentation. But really, what it’s lacking isn’t that complicated.



    And I’m thinking and assuming and hoping that a hosted WP install (such as GoDaddy) means you need not worry about the database backup – that is done by your host. So this solution to backup the WP folder would suffice.



    p.s. One hopes that the folks most anxious to have ‘restore’ documentation have made their way to Michael’s site to push his PayPal button… (note the remarkable sync between US & Aussie dollars!)

    the restore is surprisingly straightforward. the problem with writing this up is that it kinda depends on how your site is built, what plugins, and where you are backing up and restoring from.

    In the easiest case you are backing up and restore from and to the same host and the same directory. this is great. plan to do this. if a machine dies, move the dns over to the new host for your restore and keep wordpress in the same directory on the file system.

    regardless, there are always two parts:
    1. the database : all the text, config, and user info
    2. the files : all the media, plugins, and assets

    the database part is easy. It is covered here:
    you’ll find your db backup file in ~/Dropbox/WordPressBackup/wp-content/backups/bitnami_wordpress-backup.sql

    the file part is pretty easy too. i just ran this command and waited:
    scp -r -i <my-security-key> ~/Dropbox/WordPressBackup/* <user>@<host>>:/opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs/

    restoring from dropbox is like any other restore. so google around and find many tutorials


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