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  • Plugin Contributor Michael De Wildt


    Ok, good! What are your memory and time limit set to?

    Where do I look for those?

    Thought I posted this days ago….

    Ah, on the php.ini file. WP didn’t install one so just added it just in case.

    I feel really stupid but just in case someone else does this, I’ll post my embarrassing mistake – what I think was the problem. In Backup Settings on the bottom, notice it says Exclude. Don’t check/select any of these options if you want everything backed up. I had checked everything thinking it was include.

    It’s working now.

    Thanks very much Micheal.

    I’m also having trouble with this. The plugin will backup any or all of my WP files — except the only file I want backed up, which is the .sql dump. I don’t see that anywhere.

    I did add the wp-cron.php permissions to my .htaccess.

    I have tried following the steps mentioned above but upon searching for DISABLE_WP_CRON in my wp-config file I see that there is no mention of it at all. I do however have a wp-cron.php file in the same directory.

    Scheduled posts don’t seem to be working so I am pretty sure its a cron issue I’m having, if anyone has any device or help to offer I would be very grateful.

    Ditto. Tried everything in this thread, but it still asks me to go get a cup of coffee while it does nothing. Any solutions?

    Hi. I am having this problem as well. I am waiting for a backup by other means because I don’t want to touch the site again until it is backed up as the site was destroyed yesterday by a bad plugin.

    Anyway, a nice addition to this plugin might be some kind of error report if something doesn’t go well. As it is, it is reporting to me that backups have gone well even though I know otherwise, and there is no way for me to fix it unless I get some information. Could you put this on your list of enhancements?

    I am going to try the .htaccess modification as soon as my backup is done. I have checked wp-config.php to see if there is a DISABLE_WP_CRON in there and it is not.

    I also purchased the email notification and it does not seem to work. I click the check and give it an email address, but it just comes back with the example email address that is in there to start with.

    Oh well,.

    I just want mine to backup the database, so I have all content excluded (I back that up separately). It reports the backup being successful. but I see now .sql file saved in my dropbox

    Hi Mike,

    I’ve been working on this problem for hours now, without any result.
    Short and sweet, the Backup Now is not working on one of my sites.
    It IS working on another site…

    On the non-working site I’ve added the bit of code to my .htaccess file.
    Nothing of the DISABLE_CRON etc. is present in my wp-config.php file.

    All in all it looks fine (I’ve authorized Dropbox as well and have plenty of space left).

    The non-working site has a lot more plugins then the working site.
    Would you know of any conflicts?

    I’m “recovering” from my all my sites being hacked and am looking for a good backup alternative.

    Hope you can help.

    BTW, running v1.2.2 of your plugin and WP v3.4.1


    Hi Michael,

    Further to my latest comment:

    I have deactivated W3 Total Cache and your plugin seems to work.

    Would you know any specifics re this conflict?


    My backup only worked after checking the option to “Store backup in a subfolder of the WPB2D folder” in the Backup Settings of the plugin.

    Plugin Contributor Michael De Wildt


    The store in subfolder option should not affect the backup at all.

    Regarding cache – Yep this could be a problem if you use full page cache with apache mod rewrite. Doing this will stop users requests from hitting PHP and activating the cron.

    The best way around this is to add a call to wp-cron in your servers real cron tab.

    mmm, that’s a bit too far fetched for me.

    Could you give any specific code for that to put where?

    Or is it something my Host should do?


    I had the same problem. Today I discovered the plugin wasn’t working anymore on three sites. With two sites I only had to authorize again with dropbox. The other one was a bit more tricky. In the end I deleted the plugin and reinstalled it. Now it’s working again.

    When I run a backup, it only zips the .htaccess file. Any idea what is happening here?


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