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  • Plugin Contributor Michael De Wildt


    Sorry to hear that you are having issues.

    The database dump is the most important part of the backup so this should be up-to- date as it is backed up regardless of the timestamp.

    As for each individual file there may have been an issue reading the modified file time of the individual file as some php configurations can restrict this. I will investigate.

    I am wondering if this issue could be fixed anytime soon.
    This bug is definitely preventing people from using this plugin.
    All the site files are never overwritten in Dropbox backup folder.
    I don’t know if it is Dropbox that is not allowing overwritting or PHP.

    Did you ever bother to investigate? This little bug makes your plug in useless garbage. I run half a dozen sites and stupidly thought your plug in was backing them up to my Dropbox account, but I checked the backup folders for each one and not ONE of them is current. The backups are happening but they are useless because they aren’t overwriting. The timestamps never change. WORTHLESS. You said two months ago you’d investigate but obviously you didn’t.

    Moderator cubecolour



    SueWNY please drop the attitude. Lets keep this forum friendly.

    Plugins are not offered with any guarantee that they’ll work for you. If the plugin works on the author’s server, but does not work for how your server is set up you can wait for it to be fixed, hire someone to fix it, or use something else instead.

    Being rude to someone who has made their work available for free just because it doesn’t work for you is not an appropriate response.

    Plugin Contributor Michael De Wildt


    @cubecolour Thanks mate!

    @SuyWNY I spend a fair bit of my spare time resolving issues in the plugin. I am very passionate about it and am doing my best.

    WordPress is one of the most challenging platforms I have worked with! There are so many different server configurations. They all have their own nuances that make it very difficult to diagnose and resolve bugs.

    In my environments (I have several virtual machines and my production blog) I cannot reproduce the issue. However I will take another look and see what I can do.


    It’s working fine on My site, Florida Photo Gallery . I also tried to replicat this issue on my development server and on a few other websites to see if:

    1. It was happening to me
    2. I could help identify the problem

    I am also unable to replicate the issue.

    Plugin Contributor Michael De Wildt


    @texxs – Thanks for taking the time to verify this issue is resolved.


    Interesting, I was checking on the time stamps too. Can it be resolved by manually backing up to a new folder each time? Rather than the old one set up? I’d rather it was done automatically, but if I change to a new folder, do I get a completely fresh back up? I hope you sort it out so that it does a fresh clean back up every time. In the meantime I’ll just create different folders and keep clicking away every now and then?

    Plugin Contributor Michael De Wildt


    There is no need to do a fresh backup every time if the files on your server have not changed since the last backup.

    The plugin is smart enough to detect this in order to save bandwidth and the duration subsequent backups.

    The database backup is always uploaded because it changes every time.


    First a thank you for making this plugin available for free!

    I have only tested manual back up so far, and did a quick manual comparison to see if the files reflected the wordpress install, it seems to be working fine. Even tho, after clicking back up now at some point, the status got stuck, but later clicking on WP2DP showed the status as complete. (Omniweb 5.0).

    I have had one warning with a huge file about php memory. All the rest is good.
    I removed that file as I did not really need it.

    I have a suggestion for a premium extension, which would be to have a restore option. Either partial in case of corruption of a folder, or file. Or complete from a fresh install. This would make this plugin perfect! (But maybe that is a nightmare to create for you Michael, I have no clues).

    Also, relating to the issue in this initial thread. Maybe it would be good to have some kind of log/tables that let us see all the files that have been backed up/updated (including date stamps/comparison maybe), or at least that highlights the files that have been backed up and that were not previously already backed up. It would be easy for us, if we maintain our own blogs, I guess we have some kind of mental record of what would have changed since the lasts scheduled back up . Back ups are always a little scary as yes we hardly ever find out it it was successful or not until we have to restore.

    Also, it seems paradoxal, but while I like using free services like dropbox, I am a little paranoid to put my files out there in a non controlled environment. So while dropbox provides some level of security. I would feel better knowing that I have my own level of encryption to protects myself from dropbox itself. Maybe that could be a nice add on maybe when zipping.

    So what might be easy in that case, is when a back up starts it encrypts/compress, store a copy on the local server and move one to dropbox . then we can easily compare sizes too.

    It would also be nice if we could store the back up on the local server but outside of the wordpress install directory. Maybe the option is included but I miss the point.

    If my suggestions seems stupid 🙂 Ignore them! Anyways, Thank you, I hope this plugin really takes off for you. You deserve to cash in on this at some point if it proves to work well! (as it seems to so far).

    p.s. we can moan about what’s gone wrong, but at least lets show some appreciation for what works! There are plenty of paid services, if it’s so important for you, sure they are still relatively cheap when considering the stress it takes off your shoulders!

    Plugin Contributor Michael De Wildt


    Thanks for you feedback! Some of the stuff you mentioned is already in the works!

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