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    In 2.7 there is an auto-upgrade function – great !!!

    Problem is – how do I upgrade TO 2.7 with wpau ? – once I am there I can use the default upgrade functionality.

    getting there’s the problem – wpau has served me well in the past – I’d like to use it to get to 2.7 !!!

    Help !!!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Ovidiu


    yeah, curious about this too 🙂



    I used wpau to upgrade to 2.7 this morning and it worked fine. No problems at all.



    I agree. Update via WPAU worked without any problems. After that – however – I still had to upgrade to a newer version of WP2.7 and tried the build-in upgrader – which failed. It seems there are some permission problems, still trying to figure this out.

    Has someone an information if WPAU will still work in the future? Since the native WP update seems bitchy…



    Upgrading to 2.7 via WPAU worked for you? My upgrade seemed to go without a hitch, no errors reported, but now I have a redirect loop error. I can get to my admin interface, but not to the website itself. I’m trying to sort it out, without much success. Anyone else run into a problem like this?

    Visiting the WPAU page at techie Buzz, the plugin was officially retired back in September because of 2.7’s built-in core updater (

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I highly recommend against using the automatic update plugin. A lot of people have been reporting conflicts with it, since the new 2.7 updater directly conflicts with it (the code is now built in, trying to have it in twice breaks things).

    Upgrade manually. It’s easy.



    I also used WPAU without incident.

    I wonder if the redirect error you may be getting is something I have encountered in the past. Does it happen when you go to do the upgrade and the step for backing up?

    Mine does that so I just back up with the WP Backup and then run the WPAU skipping the step for backup. If I go that route I don’t have any issues.

    I also tried upgrading with the new build in upgrader and it didn’t work. I can’t recall the error I got though, I’m sorry.



    It’s easy?

    No it’s not. Does not work (until now, still fiddling). WPAU worked out of the box.

    I do not want to be too critizising again, but… WP 2.7 is quite well done from the admins point of view. The new backend is really well done and great and gives not only back all the usability of pre 2.5 but expands it greatly.

    So I will not complain yet. But fact is: The upgrade from 2.6.x to 2.7 worked without any problem with WPAU. I deactivated WPAU and tried to upgrade to the newer 2.7 version and it does not seem to work without me having to change lots of permission-changes. WPAU did not need that.

    So there is probably some work to do with the autoupdate.

    Edit: Plus: WPAU did an autobackup of the database and all the blog files. With the WP updater I have to do this manually… So I still hope, there will be an 2.7-update for WPAU…



    Yeah, WPAU has been a wonderful experience. Upgrades made seamless, and backups were part of the process… I do hope that either the plugin is maintained or that WP includes the same kind of “idiot-proof” step-by-step process.

    I can’t tell how deliriously happy I’ve been in the past with WPAU — really made upgrading truly a 5 minute process. I really don’t want to go back to the headache of FTPing and never being quite sure which files were replaced, etc.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I never have understood why people think that manual upgrading is so difficult. It’s really easy to do, just takes four clicks and I’m done. Wham bam, no issues. There’s no headache, no checking of files, just upload them all. It works. You don’t have to delete if you can figure out how to make your FTP client overwrite files. I use FileZilla.

    That said, upgrading WordPress with the built in updater is a one-click process on my host, so I can’t really fault that either. I updated from RC1 to the final in about 30 seconds and one click only.

    I’ve never bothered with making a backup before an upgrade, but then I have most of my sites set to back themselves up daily, so it’s never really been a concern. Still, I’ve never needed one of those backups either.




    I’ve had bad update experiences since the advent of 2.5. You are lucky that you never needed any backup. So why do the developers give the backup advise very clearly and definite when a new version comes out? They do not do this for nothing. And it is of course the right way to backup when installing a new version, this is agreed upon and good policy. Nice that you have server-backups, i have them too, they are made nightly. So I can tell my writers to rewrite the articles that were written after the last backup, when an upgrade goes wrong? No thanks.
    Not everyone has access to all server features. Some are even mostly clueless and just use WordPress. Especially for those the WPAU autoupdate including autobackups was a great feature.

    Plus: When people complain around here about updates gone wrong, the first answer almost always is: reinstall your backup. You will not really tell us, that backups are superfluent?

    I will state it again: WPAU works (worked, sadly) out of the box, the native WP2.7-update does not, at least on some installations. That is a fact and nothing you write here will change that.

    But those statements are the usual answers you give “on my installation it worked” is the mantra you repeat over and over when problems arise. Nice for you. Congrats. If I tell my customers: “you have no problem, my installations work” they will hang me out to dry. And with good cause. That’s not the way support works.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    So why do the developers give the backup advise very clearly and definite when a new version comes out?

    Hey, I give that advice myself. And why we give it is real simple: Because you never know. Like I said, I have automatic daily backups. And I post on some of those sites about once a month at best. 🙂 Space is cheap, backups are critical.

    I’m not saying that backups are not important, I’m just saying that manual upgrades are frankly quite simple, really.

    I will state it again: WPAU works (worked, sadly) out of the box, the native WP2.7-update does not, at least on some installations. That is a fact and nothing you write here will change that.

    You can’t change it because it’s not true. WPAU fails critically on dozens of people’s systems every time an upgrade comes out. Just look at these forums, you see loads of people with install problems, and many of them used WPAU. It has a high failure rate, and we repeatedly have to tell people to install manually.

    Saying “it just works” when it does NOT just work in a large number of cases really doesn’t help your argument. WPAU fails just as much as the built in updater does, and usually on the same hosts.



    Today, I installed the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin on a client’s site. Activated it, then clicked on “Click Here to Automatically Upgrade WordPress to latest Version.”

    It asked me for my FTP credentials which I entered. It then said we were good to go. I clicked to begin the upgrade and from there on out, every single page goes to a 404 Page Not Found error.

    I tried clicking on plugins to deactivate it, get the 404. Even trying to go to the WP dashboard gets a 404.

    I can click through all the pages on the actual site just fine, but my admin panel is absolutely messed up.

    Can someone please help me?

    Thank you!


    I also am having the same problem, what could be the problem !



    @rowoot I don’t know. I would be willing to do a manual database backup and do a fresh install of 2.7, then restore the posts & comments, but I don’t know if that will work or if the plugin has screwed it up.



    I used WPAU last night, and things went smoothly at first, until the final step, when I got a critical error that recommended I check my log files. When I clicked on the link to view logs, well..there weren’t any.

    It seemed to back up all databases just fine, but the problems started when it was unable to unzip the file. Any ideas? I made sure that the folders were writable, but still not luck. Thanks for your help.

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