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    can’t do anything with this plug in. they want you to pay 50 euros before you get any decent functionality. free version doens’t do anything. not worth looking at.

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  • Plugin Author firebird75


    I will answer to you point by point.

    1/ You said : “can’t do anything with this plug in”.
    => This is a general comment without any real argument. The free version contains a lot of core features and is still quite usable. You can create and update tickets with it which is the basic for a ticketing system.

    2/ You said : “they want you to pay 50 euros before you get any decent functionality.”
    => Again a general comment without any real argument. Yes the premium release is a paying release. You need to pay to get all the premium features and premium support. But why would you pay if you don’t get anything more than in the free release? You definitely wouldn’t if those were similar. So you need to pay to get the premium features and the premium support. Nothing forces you to buy it. And usually, customers who ordered it have never come back to me to say : “well this is absolutely a disaster, it doesn’t do anything.” Most of my customers are happy customers, this wouldn’t be case if they weren’t getting a right return on their investment.

    3/ You said : “free version doens’t do anything. not worth looking at.”
    => I am quite sure the hundred of sites currently running WATS free release will appreciate your comments. Do you think they are so unclever that they have installed the free release and they are continualy using it actively? No, the truth is that there is a market for both the free and the premium release.

    The free release is for :
    – those who want to verify WATS core features before ordering the premium one
    – those who don’t want to pay 50€ directly but want to start providing this service and will then upgrade later when their user base allowed them to raise a bit more monney
    – those who will never pay just because they don’t like paying for S/W

    The premium release is for :
    – those who are running a professionnal site where they couldn’t afford to have a solution which would run unsupported and therefore needs premium support
    – those who needs all the premium features
    – those who wants to pay because it is fair to pay for professionnal S/W when you are serious in the business

    So you pay for a service and a S/W. All of this for 50 euros. It isn’t a big fee if you think about what you get in return. WATS is probably not the best ticketing system solution ever but if you are looking into something that you can easily and quickly integrate into WordPress, this is certainly the best today. It has all the features you can expect from a ticketing system.

    So I don’t really see the point of your message. Are you pissed because you would like to get all features for free? Personnaly, I find quite interesting to see that some people are able to complain about something that is free. How can you complain about something that is free? I have spent a lot of time coding the release (even the free one) so you need first to respect my work and my contribution to the community with a free plugin downloaded 18.000 times so far. If you don’t like it, just don’t use it, nothing forces you. But don’t make your personnal situation a generallity. It isn’t fair! And it is so easy to come here and shoot a plugin just because its model doesn’t suit your requirements… It is completely outside of WordPress community spirit. Do you think I will add more feature to the free release because of that? Certainly not because I need to focus on those who are ready to help and contribute by joining the premium community. They wouldn’t find it fair if they weren’t getting more than the ones who don’t pay anything.

    Then, I am not asking you to praise me for the good job performed, far from it. I just expect you to respect honestly the work performed. If you aren’t happy with the free plugin content, I am really sorry for that but there is not much I can do for you.

    I can understand that I can’t satisfy 100% of the users but I would have expected a bit more respect. Just think about the 500 hours it took me to write this plugin. Then think about how motivating it is to read your comments. You are just killing motivation with unfair general comments. You don’t want to pay, that’s your problem, nobody forces you to do so but when you go to a restaurant, do you ask for the menu and then say : “Ah! I don’t understand, you aren’t offering a free menu? I am not too hungry but I would have expected to get a main course and a dessert together with a coca cola for free? What? It isn’t possible? So I go and find another one”. So I am even more generous than this restaurant because I am offering for a free a plugin that contains a lot of features that will allow you to setup a ticket system on your WP install. Would you prefer to have only one premium release? It would save me a lot of time as I still need to do some work on the free release to back propagate fixes. And I am quite sure you will had all the free users on your back asking you : “why did you do that?”

    So rather than criticize my work, either make a better system from scratch and give it for free, either thank me for giving you the opportunity to discover a plugin that has been downloaded more than 18.000 times, sounds like it isn’t that bad…

    I agree with firebird75.
    I started with the free version and then buy the premium version, and they both worked as I expected.

    – Free version let me know that it was a good product, which i would totally pay 50 (or so)
    – Premium version does exactly what it promotes, plus, i have updates for free.

    I don’t think it’s too limited, gg1965 simply didn’t read all the info and the features.



    The free version is limited. I just want low level viewers to submit tickets from the admin panel. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for a free demo.

    Since the plugin developer has temporarily stopped taking premium customers, I just wasted an hour setting up and testing this plugin. Not real happy about that…

    Plugin Author firebird75


    As you have tested it for an hour, you have certainly seen that it is possible to submit tickets through the admin with the free release, either for registered contributors or through the shared guest user feature.

    Premium orders will be resumed soon. If you need the premium release urgently, drop me a mail through the contact form on my site.

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