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    I’m using the free version of Wats. I’ve created a few tickets in the back end. When i create a new category from the edit pane for the ticket the category is created in my Posts categories.

    When I go to the category pane for Tickets and create categories there, it allows me to do it but when I go into the a Ticket there are no categories available to choose from, when i go back to the category pane all the categories I created have disappeared?

    There seems to be a conflict between the posts categories and the ticket categories?


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  • Plugin Author firebird75


    You need to get to the WATS options page and ticket keys subpage and then open the category for ticket submission.

    Basically, a WP category is a category. There is no difference between post and tickets categories. Both share these. But you can restrict the categories opened for ticket submission in the ticket keys by allowing submission to only selected ones.

    Hi firebird75.

    Thank you for the plug-in. I ran into the same issue as Nova, and it feels counter-intuitive that adding categories through Tickets->Categories is not enough to enable ticket submission. Also, after creating the categories in that screen, they don’t show up unless I perform the steps described above.

    Ideally, there should be an option to have ticket categories be a totally separate custom taxonomy from the built-in categories. Alternatively, you could have an action set to automatically whitelist the newly-created category to receive submissions if the category was created through Tickets->Categories.

    Anyway, great job!

    Plugin Author firebird75



    The category menuitem under Ticket menu is showing up because the taxonomy is attached to tickets. I don’t have much control on this menu. I can remove it by removing the taxonomy but then people won’t be able to attach tickets to categories and a lot of users will complain about it because it will create problems with the frontend display. I don’t think I have a way to know if the category was created from posts or tickets menu as a category isn’t post or ticket related in WP but just a taxonomy.

    So the category is a WP category by default. While setting WATS, you need to specify which categories are opened to ticket submission. This is kind of security measure to prevent users from posting tickets in a category dedicated to posts.

    Hope this clarifies.

    Thanks for the quick response. I’ll look into identifying the referrer when I have a minute and will post my findings here.


    Hi firebird,
    I’m using the pro version of the plugin and I must say that is quite complete and I’m happy with that.

    But I’m having the same issue with ticket categories.

    Haven’t you thought about using a custom taxonomy for the tickets instead of sharing post categories?
    Maybe it would be less confusing for users

    Plugin Author firebird75


    Having a custom taxonomy would somehow workaround this issue but create some confusion for users who aren’t familiar with custom taxonomy and don’t know how to handle it… Also, a lot of themes aren’t able to serve properly custom taxonomy.
    So for now, using the category is a good option. You can dedicate a category to tickets in order to avoid mix up with posts.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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