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  • I really like the plugin and have long needed one almost exactly like this. I’d like to contribute the following feedback for future improvements:

    1. A settings to have the search form always open, making it easier to notice and access.
    2. Option to not show the bar to anyone except admins. Instead of “Admin Bar for logged out users: Enabled/Disabled”, have “Show Admin Bar for: Everyone/Logged in users only/Logged in admins only”.
    3. Use WordPress translations for the strings when available. On one site we’re using WordPress in Finnish, and many strings are translated automatically automatically everywhere else except than in ABI and a few select other non-translation-aware plugins. “Remember me” and “Lost your password?” at the top of every page stick out when the rest of the site is in another language. The admin bar site menu items come already in the correct language.
    4. Have the “Close” button on Ajax Search autocomplete results actually close the autocomplete suggestions, not just slide them off the screen. Sliding search on and off the screen should happen only by the magnifier icon. This automatically fixes the bug of having a part of the autocomplete suggestions stay on the screen even after closing, at least when using the Elbee Elgee theme. Screenshot:
    5. Above the CSS and JS editors should be a statement of whether the customizations are plugin-update-safe, and if not, there should be a way to make update-safe-customizations. See next message for an example.
    6. An option to revert the customized CSS to the default could come handy. I’d place this as the lowest priority of this bunch though.

    This plugin is a must-have and with these updates would fit all my currently envisionable use cases like a glove.

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  • Here’s the custom CSS I used to give the login fields a spacing that felt right and to drop the “Remember me” checkbox a few pixels to be vertically aligned to the middle of the bar. Screenshot of before and after:

    To do the change, find the CSS rules for #wpadminbar #adminbarlogin .adminbar-loginmeta and #wpadminbar #adminbarlogin .adminbar-loginmeta * and replace them with:

    #wpadminbar #adminbarlogin .adminbar-loginmeta {
    #wpadminbar #adminbarlogin .adminbar-loginmeta input#rememberme {
        padding: 0 .4em 0 1.1em;
    #wpadminbar #adminbarlogin .adminbar-loginmeta * {
    #wpadminbar #adminbarlogin .adminbar-loginmeta a {
        margin-left: 1em;

    Two more suggestions:

    1. Rename “Edit” to be “Edit/View”, as it has that other function on WP-admin edit screen.
    2. Have all settings be checkboxes to enable/disable the feature per user role. Example below.


    Edit:   [Enabled/Disabled]


    Edit/View:   [X] Administrator   [X] Editor   [ ] Author   [ ] Contributor   [ ] Subscriber   [ ] Logged out users

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