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    I installed Wordfence (basic) on 9 sites this week, spread over 6 different hosting companies. On 8 sites it works perfectly. However, on one site, which is on a separate hosting company by itself, it blocks me from logging in no matter what I do. And, it reverts back to the default settings no matter what I set and save. Using WP 3.4.2. The only difference I can find is the theme I am using which is “Resizable” by Theme Junkie.

    On the top of the Wordfence options page, under Basic settings, I set it to Medium protection and click save, says it is saved. Then I go to the lower Advanced portion and set all the settings (which are exactly the same as I have set them on the other 8 sites) and click Save. As soon as I click Save on the lower Advanced portion, the upper portion reverts back to “Custom Settings” instead of “Medium”. As soon as I change it back to Medium and click Save, the lower portion reverts back to the default settings. It just goes around in circles. As soon as I click Save on one portion, the other portion reverts back the way it was before.

    I have put my IP in the Whitelist section, and my IP and Username to ignore, but as soon as I log out of WordPress I am locked out again. I have to go into cpanel and delete the plugin. Then I clear temp. files, cookies, etc., and try again. But I have re-installed at least 5 times now, and it is the same every single time. It simply will not work on that site. The settings I put in will not save, even though it says they are being saved. And I am locked out no matter how many times I change the settings to allow my IP.

    I am not using any different plugins than on the other sites where Wordfence works, and the same version of WP. The only difference is the Resizable theme, which I am not using on any other site. So I am not saying it is definitely the fault of the theme, because I don’t know that for sure, just that it is the only difference I am aware of.

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    The Wordfence “options” page works as follows:

    You can either select which level of protection you want and we’ll automatically set the options. OR you can set the options manually, in which case we detect that you’re clicking around in the advanced area and we’ll change the security level to “custom” to reflect the fact that you’re customizing your settings.

    So try setting the custom settings that you want, and let me know if you’re still locked out.



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