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    I’m seeing some errors when trying to install on a multi-site installation (subdomain). Firstly when networking activating the plugin…

    The plugin generated 145 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.

    In the PHP error log I see the lots of entries like this…

    Wordfence DB error in /var/www/html/wordpress-dev/wp-content/plugins/wordfence/lib/wfConfig.php line 477: Table ‘WORDPRESS_DEV.wp_wfConfig’ doesn’t exist, referer:

    However I can see the tables have been created. When I navigate to the wordfence menu I see the following in the error log…

    [alert] /var/www/html/wordpress-dev/wp-content/plugins/wordfence/.htaccess: order not allowed here, referer:

    Finally (& this maybe related to errors above) the blue scan button does not work, I see in the chrome inspector a JS error…

    Uncaught ReferenceError: wordfenceAdmin is not defined (onclick) admin.php:124

    I have cleaned out all wordfence tables and options from the db and tried a clean install from scratch but still have the same errors. I know wordfence is still in beta on multisite – have you encountered any such errors before?

    It does look like a great plugin, we’re very keen to purchase the premium keys if we can evaluate it successfully – I hope you can help us to resolve.


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    Thanks for the detailed report.

    I’m aware of the 145 character issue on some sites and we’re investigating it.

    The table does not exist error is a strange one. Can you verify that the DB “WORDPRESS_DEV” exists and that the table “wp_wfConfig” exists including the wp_ prefix is correct?

    Re the .htaccess error. It looks like your configuration does not allow us to use the <Files> section in .htacess with an Order statement. I’d google this error as it relates to your Apache configuration.

    The JS error: It looks like the wp-content/plugins/wordfence/js/admin.js script is not loading for some reason. That is our core JS library.

    So there are many issues here and some may be caused by other issues e.g. the JS library may not be loading because the DB error is causing that part of the application to crash.

    I’ll investigate the 145 chars error.

    Let me know that you’re absolutely sure that table exists and that it exists at the time the error occurs.

    Try deleting the wordfence/.htaccess file and see if that gets rid of that error.

    Not sure about the JS error, but you might start by looking at your HTML source in your admin section to make sure our core library is even loading.




    thanks for the response. The WP database definitely exists – I’d probably have a bigger problem than this plugin if it didn’t 😀

    The table also exists and is named correctly, after plugin installation I can see 67 records in there (first ten shown here)…

    mysql> SELECT * FROM WORDPRESS_DEV.wp_wfConfig LIMIT 0,10;
    | name | val |
    | alertEmailMsgCount | 0 |
    | alertEmails | |
    | alertOn_adminLogin | 0 |
    | alertOn_block | 0 |
    | alertOn_critical | 1 |
    | alertOn_loginLockout | 0 |
    | alertOn_lostPasswdForm | 0 |
    | alertOn_nonAdminLogin | 0 |
    | alertOn_throttle | 0 |
    | alertOn_warnings | 1 |

    I think it would be useful if you can let me know how to do a complete clean-up so I can do a fresh install. So far I have been de-activating the plugin, dropping all the “wp_wf” tables and finally deleting the “wordfence_version” & “wordfenceActivated” records from the wp_options table. Is there anything else I may have missed?

    I will look into the apache config to allow the necessary htaccess configuration after you come back with clean install instructions.

    Thanks again,

    I received the same unexpected output error. Found this post:

    I removed the extra blank line at the bottom of the wordfence.php file and re-uploaded without errors. Hope this helps.

    Great plugin.


    I have adjusted our apache config to allow wordfence .htaccess to operate correctly and this has resolved a good number of the issues seen above – I think it would be worth making a note in the installation instructions of this requirement as some servers will be a little more tightly controlled than others – especially mutlisite installs.

    Wordfence now appears to be working, which is good. But in addition to the 145 characters of unexpected output error, we also got this on network activation…

    Wordfence generated an error on activation. Please report this on our support forum. The output we received during activation was: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/html/wordpress-dev/wp-content/plugins/wordfence/lib/wordfenceClass.php on line 642

    We see no errors when Wordfence does it’s stuff, so it looks like we’re good to go. We think it’s a great plugin and will be purchasing multiple licenses – I hope we can help you work through this final error – I’m wondering it’s to do with the fact this is a sub-domain install. Please let us know if there is any debug we can put in that will help you track it down.


    OK you can ignore the foreach() activation error above – it seems to be fixed in the 3.3.5 version released this morning… 2 updates in 2 days, you guys move fast.

    Super plugin, worth every penny 🙂

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