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  • Plugin Author david_hudson


    Hi Peter. I’m going to put out an update for WordChimp that strips out shortcodes. This is my first official WordPress/MailChimp plugin so there’s bound to be more that I didn’t catch. Anyway, thanks!

    Plugin Author david_hudson


    Ok, the issue has been resolved in version 1.3. Please upgrade when you have the chance.


    Thanks for this great plugin!

    Rather than using the strip_shortcodes() filter, could you change this to do_shortcode()? I’ve edited my plugin file, and this way your plugin expands any shortcodes before sending it to MailChimp. (see line 424 in your plugin. BTW, you’re not stripping / rendering shortcodes in the text version on line 443).

    Another minor gripe: On the campaign stats page, you’re showing the total opens for a campaign, rather than the unique user opens that MailChimp shows on its overview screen.

    Thanks for working on this, and keep up the good work!

    Plugin Author david_hudson


    Great suggestion CPilko. Please update to 1.6 which includes your suggestion for expanding short codes. I’ll look into the MailChim API for the stats.


    Thanks for listening. I’ve got the 1.6 update on my site, and I still see an issue with the plain text version:

    On line 774 you aren’t resolving the shortcodes in the post_content:
    $content[‘text’] .= strip_tags($post[‘post_content’]) . “\r\n\r\n—————-\r\n\r\n”;

    Compare this to line 755 for the HTML version.

    Also take a look at line 758. You are resolving the shortcodes for the plaintext post_title. You aren’t doing this for the HTML post_title on line 730. (And you shouldn’t: WP doesn’t support shortcodes in the title.)

    BTW, for the opens, if on line 192 you change $stats[‘opens’] to $stats[‘unique_opens’], you’ll get the same “opens” value that you get on the internal MailChimp campaign report screen.

    Keep up the good work!

    Plugin Author david_hudson


    Good catch 🙂 I’ve just tagged v1.7 with requested updates.

    Thanks Dave. That was quick. I’ll be watching for the upgrade to show up on the SVN.


    I LOVE THIS PLUG-IN!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I do have a question about shortcodes though.

    I am using Cart66 (PHPurchase). I am using two shortcodes in the posts that I create. They are:

    [add_to_cart item=”07/09/2011″ ]


    The only thing that changes about the shortcodes above is the product number, in this case, 07/09/2011, which on other products I use a different date (ie 08/11/2011).

    What I’m experiencing is that these shortcodes (add_to_cart item=”texthere” and checkout_paypal_express) aren’t being removed. Is there a way to get this plug-in to remove these two shortcodes?


    I installed wordchimp but cannot access the settings for some reason I am getting a http error.

    Any advice?



Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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