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  • Plugin Author Steve


    Can you turn on the advanced diagnostics and let it do a comment fetch cycle and that should give us some idea about what is going on.

    Will do

    What I see is that comments post to Facebook “Comment Posted to Facebook :” but there is no diagnostic entry for the reverse.

    Plugin Author Steve


    On the main Wordbooker options screen the “Fetch Comments” option is checked isn’t it? And the “time to next fetch” does decrease doesn’t it? It should go from 59 minutes down to zero as comments are fetched once per hour.

    Yes, everything is fine. The setup has not changed. It has simply stopped importing.

    Plugin Author Steve


    So there is nothing in the dianostics at all?

    You should see either:

    Comment Scrape not active. Cron Finished


    Processing comment data for user

    If you aren’t then can you check in your PHP error logs?

    It goes to the first post written on the site three years ago and inexplicably tries to push comments from that post (probably fails) and then doesn’t continue.

    The output for the first post reads: “Processing auto approved comment”
    “Processing approved comment”
    “Comment [66713] is currently unapproved … skipped” — I will look into this one.

    Afterward, when posts are published the output reads: “Post option : wordbook_comment_get” “( on )”

    Checking comment 66713, I see it is actually a comment on a recent post and not the first post. So something is clearly wrong here.

    Plugin Author Steve


    Thats surreal because comment pushing only happens when the comment is added to your blog – there is no process for handling “old” comments on your blog.

    But thats all to do with pushing comments to Facebook, and your problem is that it isn’t pulling them.

    Maybe I’m doing things horribly wrong or misunderstanding the way this plugin works but this is also happening to me.

    Is there a way to use Facebook connect to display Facebook comments directly on my WordPress page, then have them sync with the Facebook comments on the Facebook page?

    Right now, it seems to go from my WordPress page and push to the Facebook page. When it does this though, the comment post is made by my Facebook page with ‘Name: XXX’ and ‘Comment: [from blog ] : XXX’. This could get messy looking. It’s a neat app, I’m just wondering if there’s a better way.

    Plugin Author Steve


    You can use FB commenting instead of WordPress native commenting (and its integrated into V2) but there is no synchronisation – and even using FB comment plugins there is no way of linking the comment box on your blog and the comments box on the FB page.

    Wordbooker has to push them to Facebook as you because its the only account it knows it can use to post to Facebook.

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