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  • Wordbooker 1.7 should do it as it pulls the information for images in a different way. I assume the photoblog is using a specific plugin to put the images in? If 1.7 doesn’t work out of the box then I can look into coding in something specific to handle it.

    No special plugin, just normal image attachments. But I greatly appreciate your offer to code something special. 😉 Thanks!

    They should work if they have a img src tag, and 1.7 pulls things differently so it should hopefully just work. 1.7 is out in Beta over on the Wordbooker Facebook Page and I should be releasing it here formally next week.


    I am able to get the thumbnails for my pics to show up but not the thumbnails for the videos. I know that it works because a buddy’s FB is able to post them. I’ve tried numerous setting but still can not get the video thumbnails to work. I’m sure I’m missing something simple. Suggestions?

    Thank you.


    Thumbnails for videos are only supported for Youtube videos which include thumbnails.

    Are you using any plugins to handle videos?


    I am not using a plugin to handle videos. I just copy / paste the embeded code into the HTML section. Is there a plugin that you recommend for videos?

    Thank you.

    I dont post videos but my plugin handles Vipers tags without problems.

    I did add some support for Youtube videos but they have to have thumbnails embedded for it produce anything that can be pushed up to Facebook as an image

    same here. on facebook u can see only name of the post. no video thumbnail. not sure where to activate it either.
    and with posting pictures – is there any limitation on size or formats? because some pictures getting poster and some dont..

    Video thumbnails only work if they are embedded in them – and I’ve only done that for YouTube.

    Facebook are having problems with their CDN servers which cache pictures – its been going on for months. Also as they compress images on the fly and have reduced the resources available for this process (which they will give no details of) then large images often get lost as the compression process exits silently when it runs out of resources.

    My plugin doesn’t limit itself to specific image tags – so if FB supports it then my plugin should do.

    ok makes sense now. because its posting on and off with same setting..

    I don’t know if it’s any help, but what i did is just inserted a Lightbox gallery with stills into the post. It looks cool, professional and fakes it really good!
    Heres an example:

    Sorry – what has this got to do with the issue being discussed in this thread?

    Wordbooker doesn’t grab thumbnails of a video (vimeo in my case), but it does work for a lightbox gallery. So if u include them both in one post, u’ll eventually get a facebook post with a thumbnail. It doesn’t solve the issue, but it’s a walk around. Or u can set Wordbooker to grab a “Featured image”.. this way, u can chose the facebook post thumbnail manually.
    Sorry if i didn’t explain it properly at first..

    If someone can tell me how Vimeo embeds its thumbnails in its videos then I can write the code to pull it out.

    I’ve found how to do it – and there is no way I’m putting that sort of overhead in my code. Vimeo thumbnail file names have NO relationship to the video file name so you have to parse the stream to find the information.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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