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[Plugin: Wordbooker] Scheduled Posts

  • Wordbooker seems to no longer be pushing scheduled posts to Facebook upon their publication date. I know this has worked in the past, but I’ve done several upgrades since then so I don’t know the exact version that may’ve broken it – I’m now using the latest. I’ve tried de-activating and reactivating the plugin (with all the lines that delete the options and database tables commented out), as well as re-saving the options, but still, scheduled posts don’t go through. I can only get them to push to Facebook by subsequently changing them to “Draft” and then clicking “Publish” again.

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  • Plugin Author Steve


    Post Status transitions are a complete pain – you end up having to create hook for each possible combination. I use the publish_post hook which fires when a post is published (and that includes scheduled posts) – unless WordPress have broken things again.

    What Version of WordPress are you using?


    Next time I have a scheduled post, I’ll try it with totalcache off just out of curiosity. It *has* been known to screw things up unexplainably…

    Well waddaya know – with totalcache off, it got pushed to Facebook.

    I’ll leave it this way for a few more posts and see what happens, just thought I’d report in case that’s helpful to your debugging…


    I use both the wp-fb-autoconnect plugin as well as wordbooker. (On wordpress 3.1) Both plugins are fantastic and add a great deal of functionality.

    However, it seems that the ‘Login with Facebook’ button becomes inactive when the wordbooker plugin is active.

    Do you have any idea why this might be happening?

    This is a thread about scheduled posts, not a plugin incompatibility…but no, I myself am using both plugins simultaneously without a problem.

    Plugin Author Steve


    Mike – can you check what version of FB-Autoconnect you are using because Justin (Who wrote that plugin) asked me to make a slight change to enhance the comment handling but he didn’t say anything about other parts of it not working.

    Also starting a new thread might be an idea.


    Steve: Back on topic for this thread, I’ve tested several more scheduled posts, both with w3totalcache on and off. It seems that with w3totalcache off, scheduled posts work 100%. With it on, they work *sometimes*, and other times they don’t get pushed to Facebook – presumably having to do with the current state of the cache. Might be something for you to explore with Frederick Townes, the w3totalcache author, when you have a moment…

    Plugin Author Steve


    Last time I checked w3totalcache didn’t work with WP in subdirectory blog mode and there is no way it should be caching any code from the back end.

    Well, it does indeed seem to work in subdirectory mode.

    Regarding the backend, while I agree that it *shouldn’t*, I’d imagine that perhaps the object or database cache (or something) maybe interfering in some way…

    Plugin Author Steve


    OK well it looks like he must have fixed it, I use Donncha’s Supercache which doesn’t have any problems with scheduled posts at all

    Alright, so I’ve gone through and tried each of w3-total-cache’s caching options one at a time; the one that breaks Wordbooker’s ability to push Scheduled posts to Facebook is the “Page Cache.” Object Cache, Database Cache, Minify, and Browser Cache all work fine – but as soon as Page Cache is enabled, Wordbooker stops pushing scheduled posts to Facebook.

    Plugin Author Steve


    But do the posts get pushed to your blog?

    This is all very odd as Wordbook is simply piggy backing on the publish_post hooks so it shouldn’t be affected by the cache system.

    They always get published on my site, just not on Facebook (unless page caching is off…)

    I know it’s weird, but believe me – I spent the better part of an hour changing EVERY setting, scheduling posts for 2min later, etc.

    Plugin Author Steve


    So the question is – why does that cache app basically break a wordpress hook?

    Lol, no idea – or I already woulda fixed it & submitted a patch 😛

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 30 total)
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