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    Using the most current version. Having problems posting to Facebook as an administrator and a author. Administrator posting abilities are inconsistent. One day it works, one day it doesn’t. The administrator is logged into their Facebook account at the time of posting.

    I’ve also set up it so non-Wordbooker users can post.

    Here’s the settings we’re using:
    Default publish posts to FB: ON
    Unless changed, posts will be published on the FB of: have selected the company page
    Publish posts by non wordbooker users: ON
    Allow non wordbooker users to chose to publish: ON

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  • Plugin Author Steve


    Wordbooker produces diagnostics for each post it does – you might need to turn up the diagnostic level to see them. Clear down the diagnostic log and when a post fails can you copy and paste the diagnostic messages.. but not into here as they don’t like long posts.

    Wordbooker uses stored sessions so it shouldn’t matter if the person is logged into Facebook at the time.

    Thanks for responding.
    Did a new test post.
    Here’s what showed up in Diagnostics:

    Calling wordbooker_fbclient_publishaction

    Plugin Author Steve


    Set the Diagnostic levels to show everything – you wont need to re-run a test as it should just show more details.

    Reset the diagnostic levels.
    Logged into Facebook
    Everything looking fine until this last error message:

    Posting to Primary target (Facebook page name) not active

    Had successfully posted to this page once (but never again). No settings changed.

    Plugin Author Steve


    You need to check the check box at the end of the “target” line where you chose the target and the type of the post you wanted to make.

    Okay. Found the target option and checked it.
    Here’s the new error message:

    Error validating access token: The session has been invalidated because the user has changed the password.

    What password? The user’s personal Facebook password? The user’s blog password? One of the administrator’s passwords? One of the company page administrators have changed their password.

    We have several blog authors/administrators and three page administrators.

    Thanks in advance for responding.

    Plugin Author Steve


    Its the token that links the blog session with the Facebook session. The Wordbooker options screen has a Reset User Session which takes you through the steps needed to get a new session. So make sure you are logged into Facebook under the right user and then go to the Wordbooker options screen and click on that button.

    I’ve done two things.

    1. Logged into Facebook as user 1 and WordPress as user so there is no conflict between accounts and passwords. Did a post and it does not show up on Facebook. The error message remains the same.

    2. I’m going through the WP Wordbooker settings and don’t see a reset user session.
    Looked in the PDF documentation and can’t find information on how to reset the user session.

    Plugin Author Steve


    Thee is a button in the Status Section – its probably called Reset Configuration in 2.1.18

    I don’t see a 2.1.18 section in the documentation.

    Found this online—is this what needs to get done? Please say no. I can’t imagine having to do this because someone changed their password.

    1. Click the “Reset configuration” button in the “Wordbooker” panel of the “Options” WordPress admin page.
    1. Deactivate the Wordbook plugin from your WordPress installation.
    1. [Uninstall Wordbooker]( from your Facebook account.
    1. Download the [latest version](
    1. Re-install and re-activate the plugin.

    Plugin Author Steve


    No I meant in version 2.1.18. I changed the name of the button in the 2.2 release (which is still in development).

    No you do NOT need to do that – you just need to Click on the Reset Configuration button

    thanks for hanging in there. I have gone through the Wordbooker option settings in the WordPress site and do not see any Reset Configuration button to click. Aargh!

    Plugin Author Steve


    On the wordbooker options page in your blog you should see, as part of the Status section two buttons, one of which is a Reset Configuration button.

    On the blog, in the Wordbooker settings there are the following sections:

    Blog Level Options
    General Posting Options (no status options)
    Facebook Like and Send Options (no status options)
    Comment Handling Options (no status options)
    Advance Options (no status options)

    User Level Settings (no status options)

    Diagnostic Messages

    Plugin Author Steve


    Below diagnostics there should be


    If they are missing then you might need to check in your PHP error logs to see if there are any errors.

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