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  • I am using Wordbook to publish my WordPress Pages to Facebook. Since Timeline it is only possible to do this via “Publish as a Link”. The other options as “Publish to wall” etc. are not possible. But if I “publish as a Link” the photos get only published as thumbnails. As I am photographer it is important that my photos get published full sized. Is there a solution?

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  • Plugin Author Steve


    All methods work on timeline – you might not see posts on your own timeline but they are there – if FB returns a Post ID then the post has been made, and if no post ID is returned then Wordbooker reports an error.

    You cannot publish full sized photos through the API as wall posts. It might be possible if they were uploaded to a gallery but right now Wordbooker doesn’t support that feature.

    Thanks for the fast response. I don´t know where to look for a returned Post ID. I just cannot see anything if I use other options than “publish as a link”. The photos are in a gallery but if I see it right I have to live with the thumbnails. Nobody ist commenting on those tiny thumbnails. Hopefully there will be a solution to this in the near future either from Wordbook or any other plugin. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Steve


    When Wordbooker finishes a post it puts a message in the diagnostic logs which contains the Facebook Post ID for the post – if there is no post ID returned then it reports an error.

    You need to find out if others are seeing your posts on their News Feeds – if not then we might have a problem.

    As the posts are wall posts then all the images are reduced to thumbnails. Pushing larger photos up to Facebook (especially multiple ones) may well cause script timeouts unless your WordPress install is set up with a long script execution time. Its something that worries me about implementing the feature.

    O.k. it is like this: If you look on this page you can see that I have shared a link via Wordbooker today.

    But it does not take even thumbnails any longer. And this is a real pity because there is a lot more discussion on facebook than on my homepage. I want the comments to be synchronized. This is working. But it just does not make sense to even post on facebook without a photo. If it was even a small photo, just a little thumbnail. But there is nothing. And I remember times when it worked. But now it doesn´t work on other peoples pages either.

    Plugin Author Steve


    Wordbooker has found an image and assigned it to an og:image tag for that post:

    Thus Wordbooker is working fine as that image should be picked up by Facebook

    I’d try posting as a regular wall post

    But first I’d recommend upgrading from 2.1.18 which dates from 03/09/2012

    If that doesn’t work then please post your support information and the diagnostic messages from a post – you might want to do that over on the Wordbooker support forums as long posts tend to get deleted on here.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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