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  • If people are having problems with my Wordbooker plugin rather than just voting saying its “broken” can you please post some information and I’ll look into it.

    I know that it doesn’t play well with some other Facebook plugins down to the fact that they are using old and obsolete versions of the Facebook API client libraries which don’t support the methods this plugin uses. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot I can do about that.

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  • abatis


    I uploaded the wordbook plugin to my blog. How do they have separate accounts apart from the blog?



    What do you mean?

    I updated WordPress to 3.0 and was having some issues getting into my admin area. After uninstalling and reinstalling each plugin, Wordbooker is the only one that refuses to work. Basically what happens is the whole admin area stops working. Sorry, I’m not a developer and wish I could be more specific! Hopefully that will help figure out what I’m referring to. Any help would be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance, Kelly

    “The Whole admin area stops working” doesn’t really help me – do you mean the Wordbooker admin back end or what?

    I’m running on 3.0 and have no problems.

    Are you running any back end plugins?

    Hi Steve, Thanks for getting back to me!

    I guess the best way to describe it is the WordPress admin area does not load in my browser. After I upload Wordbooker to my plugins folder via FTP, my dashboard stops loading and I can’t make any posts for my blog. Once I delete the Wordbooker plugin from my FTP site, I have no problems.
    My server is all up to speed (in terms of php version, etc.) so I’ve crossed that off the list of potential issues.
    Hope that helps…Thanks!

    OK it must be throwing an error somewhere. Can you check your PHP or Apache error logs and see if there is anything reported?

    What is odd is that if its not been activated its not doing anything….

    It looks like the only errors I’m getting is for my wordpress theme, which may not apply. I’ll give it a shot here anyways!
    PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /mnt/target02/347468/389164/ on line 459

    Should I be looking for another type of error? I’m still having the same issues. Thanks!

    I downloaded the atahulpa theme (version 3.4.9) and installed it and everything seems to be working OK,

    So when you’ve uploaded the plugin is it killing your entire blog backend before you even activate it?

    With WordPress 3.0, I would start seeing issues as soon as I uploaded the Wordbooker plugin via FTP. I could log in to my admin area, but only saw a blank page in my browser.
    I just updated WordPress to 3.0.1, hoping that would solve the problem, but it didn’t. This time, however, I installed the WordPress plugin via FTP and was able to view it listed in my Plugins directory in the WordPress admin area. As soon as I click “Activate”, I get a blank screen in my browser and cannot edit or view any posts, pages, plugins or anything in my WordPress admin area. As soon as I delete the plugin via FTP, I have no problems.
    Feel free to email me directly at and I can give you more specifics if needed!


    So what is being thrown in your php error logs because a blank screen implies a PHP error.

    Does your server meet the minimum PHP requirements (>5.0) for Wordbooker?

    It has got to be something on your server that is causing problems – even if things like curl and fopen are blocked the plugin will install and activate – it just wont work.

    Is your site Echo Park Now?

    Any chances of some screen shots?

    First issue: When I post from Mars Edit 3, Wordbooker pushes the post to FB like it should. When I update a post that I’ve already published, Wordbooker sees it as a new post and reposts it to FB.

    Second Issue: My wife uses MS Writer to post from the PC. When she posts, Wordbooker doesn’t put a post on Facebook. I need to go in an republish it manually to get to to show. I have wordbooker set to always publish new posts to my FB feed.

    Any ideas?

    I’ll look into the first problem – I’m changing how the app records that a post has been processed for version 2.

    Ms Writer – is that LiveWriter under a different name? If so LW seems to do some very odd things and doesn’t play too well with WordPress.

    Yes, LiveWriter. Sorry, forgot the name. It worked for a while, but maybe it stopped when they updated it to a new version.

    None of this is a huge deal. I can work around it.

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