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  • Hello, I am admin for many facebook sites and when I installed your plug in on a wordpress blog I had the option of publishing the post to any of the istes I admin. They are totally seperate (other clients) how do I make it so that there is only one site wordbooker can publish to? I really appreciate your plug in except for this it worked perfectly thank you for writing it.

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  • If you are an Administrator of a page on Facebook then wordbooker will allow you to post to it. Those Facebook pages/groups are all associated with your single Facebook account and therefore Wordbooker sees them all. The only way to change this is to associate Wordbooker with a Facebook account that isn’t an administrator for all the pages.

    Is there a way to set up facebook permissions so that wordbooker only has access to the one page? If not oh well thanks again. It is a great plug in

    When you install any app against your FB profile it gets access to your pages, or it gets no access to your pages – you can’t pick and choose – so if it can publish to one of your pages it can publish to all of them.

    What you can do with Wordbooker is:

    1) Login to the blog as you
    2) Set up Wordbooker against your account
    3) Set the “publish as” to you your user (not current logged in user)
    4) Set Allow Non Wordbooker users to publish
    5) Set up the User level options to post to the specific fan wall for that blog
    6) Set up everything else and save it all

    Then when other users log into the blog they can publish posts – and that will get pushed up to the wall you set BUT they can’t change any of the settings.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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