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  • Feed Me – Whiskers feat. Gemini 2012-02-22 20:19:06 Commence Publish –
    Feed Me – Whiskers feat. Gemini 2012-02-22 20:19:06 Calling wordbooker_fbclient_publishaction –
    Feed Me – Whiskers feat. Gemini 2012-02-22 20:19:08 (#200) Feed story publishing is disabled for this application. –

    Total noob first time wordpress but I could really use some help mate. Would appreciate anything you can do.

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  • Could it be that this Facebook application is being used by a different app?

    I see the same error today (yesterday was still working fine).
    Error : (#200) Feed story publishing is disabled for this application.
    In addition all previous posts on my facebook page wall disappear!
    I did some checking.
    First I manually added a post on my facebook page – ok.
    Next I posted a test post from wordpress – not ok. The #200 error comes out. In addition the post I created manually earlier was also gone.
    When I checked my facebook acc., I did not see any notification from facebook saying this app was disabled.

    Getting the same problem:

    (#200) Feed story publishing is disabled for this application.

    Same thing is happening to me…and all my old ‘page’ posts have been removed. Awesome…

    Plugin Author Steve


    Facebook pulled Wordbooker in the middle of the night for no reason.

    But it should be back… you might need to do a RESET Session on the Wordbooker options page to get a new access token.

    YES! it works, but no thumbnail. or excerpt shows on the Facebook wall.

    User Level Settings

    If set, these options will override the Blog Level options for this user

    Wordbooker Options Page
    Akismet is almost ready. You must enter your Akismet API key for it to work.

    Jetpack is installed and ready to bring awesome, cloud-powered features to your site. Learn More
    Blog Level Settings

    General Posting Options
    Default Publish Post to Facebook :
    Default Publish Page to Facebook :
    Unless changed, Posts will be published on the Facebook belonging to :
    Publish Posts by non Wordbooker users :
    Allow non Wordbooker users to chose to publish a post :
    Length of Extract :
    Post Attribute :
    Facebook Status Attribute :
    Action Link Option :
    Enable Extended description for Share Link :
    Length of Description Meta-Tag :

    Facebook Like and Share Options

    Comment Handling Options

    Advanced Options
    User who should get Admin level diagnostics :
    Post Diagnostics display level :

    Clear detailed diagnostics on successful post :

    Disable the use of short URLs in links posted to Facebook :

    Include FB Recent activity on Wordbooker Options page :

    Use Iframes instead of FBXML to render FB features :

    Use Site URL not Blog Description in Wall Posts :

    Check the following Custom Post Meta tags for images :

    Use Image from Custom Meta instead of Featured Image for Open Graph image : check

    Default Open Graph image to use for posts :

    Use the above image instead of a blank for posts with no image :

    Disable in-line production of OpenGraph Tags :

    Only Pretend to Publish on Facebook – TEST MODE :

    Disable ALL Wordbooker functionality :

    Default Publish Post to Facebook : same as blog
    Default Publish Page to Facebook : same as blog
    Post to the following Wall :

    Post to the following Wall :

    Length of Extract : 256
    Facebook Status Text :
    Post Attribute :
    Action Link Option : read full article
    Enable Extended description for Share Link : same as blog
    Use Post Thumbnail only : Check
    Use Post Excerpt : Check
    Show Status for :
    Disable Facebook User information in Status :

    Plugin Author Steve


    Aspiris – that really doesn’t help because that’s the settings rather than the diagnostics.

    Ok so what exactly do I need to do in order to get the image and part of the review posted with the link to Facebook?

    everything else is working. The comment integration and the link gets posted to the Facebook page.

    Plugin Author Steve


    You have “use post excerpt” checked this means that it will use the user generated extract rather than part of the post. If you don’t use manual excerpts then this will mean Wordbooker posts no text as it wont try to auto generate it. That is all explained in the user guide.

    As for the lack of image – if you post a diagnostic trace then I may well be able to help you, or you might actually be able to see what the problem is yourself. I suspect however what you’ve done is turn on “Use post thumbnail” when you don’t have one for the post.

    Ok got the posts, and excerpts posting. Along with some of the pictures. Take a look here.

    The Dillion Francis and the DeadMau5 images showed up. However, the Skrillex and Lana del Ray photos did not.

    OK i think i got it working. HEhe. I appreciate all your time. Sorry for all the confusion. One suggestion that might be awesome for the plug-in. Adding the ability to tag other peoples facebook pages in the facebook post.

    Plugin Author Steve


    Facebook never properly implemented tagging in the API – bits of it are there but a lot of functionality is missing.

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