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  • I have a quite peculiar issue involving WooTumblog and the BuddyPress activity stream. I want posts with the ‘image’ post format to show up differently in the stream (different type & image included in the content). I’ve written a filter to do this, but for some reason it is not triggered when I use the Woo Tumblog dashboard widget – the posts do show up in the activity stream, but as normal posts. When I post via Posts > New post, my filter works just fine.

    Any idea what could be behind this? Does the dashboard widget somehow take a “shortcut”?

    Example filter:

    function bpgg_filter_image_activity( $type, $activity ) {
        // check if the post format is image
        if ( get_post_format( $activity->secondary_item_id ) != 'image' ) {
            return $type;
        // change the type to 'new_image_post'
        else {
            return 'new_image_post';
    add_filter( 'bp_activity_type_before_save', 'bpgg_filter_image_activity' );

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  • The Tumblog functionality was not designed for BuddyPress unfortunately. However, having said that I can point you in the right direction. The save method on the dashboard widget uses ajax to post to WordPress. What you could do is edit the publish function to do what you want. The two applicable functions are:

    in /functions/wootumblog_dashboard_functions.php
    woo_tumblog_ajax_post() – which handles the ajax post. probably this is what you would want to modify.
    woo_tumblog_publish() – which actually publishes the content.

    Did this issue get resolved eventually?

    I can see when examining both plugins the way they use the wp_insert_post() and wp_update_post(), but I’m less familiar with the ajax calls in wootumblog that might be interfering with the database writes.

    In my own particular case, I am integrating wootumblog with wpmu sitewide tags plugin, but the same issue arises, namely the tumblog dashboard inserts the post in the database but loses the post format on the tags blog whilst doing so.

    Does anyone have experience of this issue or would it help If I post excerpts of the code?

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