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    While trying to integrate WooTumblog in my existing blog, I discovered that the media like videos, audio, images, also the quotes and links don’t appear in the rss feed. Apparently the reason is that the correspending information is storend in extra fields.
    Is there a way to integrate this data into the feed, like it’s done in the loop for the articles?

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  • Are you using Feedburner for your RSS feed? I have the same issue when enabling Feedburner, but the normal RSS feed will allow you to attach images/videos/etc to the RSS feed.

    In the Tumblog Options screen, make sure that “Use Custom Tumblog RSS Feed” is set to “yes”.

    That should fix your problem if you use the WordPress-generated RSS feed, but if you use Feedburner, I am not sure how to solve that yet [that’s why I am here, looking for a solution 🙂 ].

    No, I’m not using Feedburner.
    Your hint is right, thank you. I totally misunderstood this option, My assumption was that this will add an additional feed only for the tumblog entries.

    Anyway it works not as I would expect it an mybe this is the cause for your problem wird Feedburner. “Use Custom Tumblog RSS Feed” forces the plugin to put the Video/Image/etc. Code only in the <description> of the RSS Feed, many feedreader, e.g. Google Reager, use <content:encoded> to show the content of the articles.

    I will have a look at the source code maybe there is a easy way to add the tumblog date to <content:encoded>.

    Maybe this is a quick fix. In wp-content/plugins/woo-tumblog/classes/wootumblog.class.php I added the following code after line 44:

    add_filter('the_content_feed', array(&$this, 'woo_custom_tumblog_rss_output'));

    I’m not aware of that this makes the code in line 44 (add_filter('the_content_rss...) obsolete. Maybe the authors of the plugin can invastigate this, AFAIK the_content_rss() is deprecated since wp 2.9.

    @michawen – A belated thanks! I will try that right now. I was out of town and just now saw your reply. The site I’m using this on is a daily photo blog, and I’m about to upload today’s photo, so I will know more in a bit if that worked or not [i have a development/staging version of the site, but i don’t have feedburner activated for that version, which is why this issue didn’t crop up until i went live with the new redesign!].

    Just an FYI, but this issue with the plugin still exists in version 2.0.3, but your fix above did the trick with regards to Feedburner. I just wish I could find a place to submit a bug report to Woo. I’ll ask them on Twitter if there’s a proper place to inform them of this. Thanks again for the help, michawen!

    Plugin Author jeffikus


    Hi guys – thanks for letting us know about this 🙂 will definitely look into the content:encoded issue for a future release.

    Thanks, @jeffikus! FWIW, the fix that @michawen gave above [using the_content_feed instead of the_content_rss] works well, though it will break for those not using anything greater than 2.9.

    Just a heads up that 6 months later, this still remains broken 🙁 Updating to 2.0.5 broke this again, so I have to edit wootumblog.class.php again to use the_content_feed instead of the_content_rss.

    Where on Woo’s website/support forum can I report this so that it can be fixed for the next release?


    Where on Woo’s website/support forum can I report this so that it can be fixed for the next release?


    They require you to pay for support (i.e. unless you are a paying member you cannot read or post on their support forum), so in effect there is no support forum..

    The majority of users who obtained this plugin from are unlikely to be paying customers of Woothemes (otherwise it would have been easier to just download one of the existing woothemes and adapt it), so we’re on our own when it comes to the wootumblog plugin.

    Actually, I’m a paying member of their site – a club member, but I am not sure where in their forums they have dedicated support for this plugin. I have had to alter the themes that use this functionality as well. Perhaps I should start with those themes, but I’m really interested in getting the plugin fixed first, since it will trickle down to the themes that have the functionality built in.



    This is BAD. :/ I hope they fix that asap 😡

    Plugin Author jeffikus


    Hi there

    I have added the above line of code to the plugin as requested – you can update to V2.0.7 and it will be in there. Let me know if any further issues.


    Thx a lot, I can see my mail did the job. 😉

    It’s working as it should now for me.

    Have a nice week !

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