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  1. acknowledged74
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I have a Woocommerce install on my site which in the main works fine.

    However automatically the store pages are created and for everyone I am able to make key changes;

    1. add a header
    2. set the page to be full width rather than with sidebar
    3. take of page bread crumbs

    I can do this for every page accept the main 'shop' page which was automatically created on install but unlike every other page doesn't have a shortcode on it.

    Is there a short code for the main (first) page of the store that I can put into a new page where I will have the control I require.

    Hopefully that makes sense, if it doesn't please ask for more info.

    I really need this one so some advice would be greatly appreciated guys.

  2. acknowledged74
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Sorry here's a screenshot of what I mean.


    In the edit screen for the 'shop' page I have set the same as the other pages but setting it to full width etc, just doesn't take for some reason?

    Please help.

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