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    I found this strange, the site won’t generate emails when an address is used in the WooCommerce settings under ‘EMAIL’ (the notifications).

    I launched this site, with myself as the original WP ADMIN account (‘’ – which is Google Apps for domains email) and used ‘’ in all the email notifications in WooCommerce (general, new order and cancellations notifications). The site generated all emails, to both the ‘shop manager’ and the ‘customer’ as it should.

    I replaced my email address with the website site owner’s address (and he is using that email address as a WP user account) which is ‘’. And the site would not generate emails, not to the ‘site manager’ at the address manually entered the Woo settings, and not to the customer.

    I double checked the spelling of the email address, and verified it.

    I then substituted the email address in the WOO settings with an gmail address ( that has no WordPress user account associated with it (it isn’t being used as any user email address), and the site generated the emails as it should (to both the ‘site manager’ at the ‘’ address and to the customer/buyer).

    UPDATE: I also tried using ‘’ email address in the Woo settings and the site did not generate the emails to either the ‘site manager’ or the buyer.

    Anyone have any idea why?

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  • How do you know it’s an email generation problem and not a receiving email problem?

    Are you using an SMTP plugin to send these AOL emails via the AOL SMTP server?

    I don’t know. That is why I’m here asking. All I know is if we use either a Yahoo or AOL account in the Woo settings neither the site manager OR the buyer are receiving emails.

    If we use a domain based email address (and not even the domain name of the website) or even a flat out address both the ‘site manager’ and the buyer get emails.

    Not using any sort of plugin for sending emails.

    I’m surprised Gmail is working, based on your symptoms. Install an SMTP plugin and you should be okay : or any of these.

    I think that is why I was thrown off buy why it wasn’t working (the fact that the generic Gmail address worked). Typically I’ve had problems with WordPress (non woo related) and the ‘not receiving emails’ from the server when Google Apps for domains is being used because it tries to send it locally.

    When Gmail worked I wasn’t sure if AOL was on some kind of hinky voo-doo black list. 😉 Then I tried Yahoo after I created this post.

    I’ll give the plugins a go. Thanks a bunch!!! 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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