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  • I am developing a site to allow different shops sell their products, of course having each one access to their own products only. I am thinking in modifying WooCommerce to link products to Shop Managers and checking which user is in session to filter the products to be shown in the administration panel.

    Any advice?Any developed plugin for this?

    Any help or suggestion will be much appreciated,


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  • I am trying the exact same thing.

    Basically, each store has a Shop Manager that uploads their products etc.

    Fortunately I have a static set of Product Categories, so hiding that was simple enough. I have added taxonomy meta for the Shipping classes so we can see and filter which store manager created them.

    The issue I sit now is setting up shipping per Store Manager. I understand that you could obviously go into the woocommerce settings and setup the rates per shipping category. But the store managers won’t have access to that page.

    It’s a bit of a pickle 🙂

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    This isn’t a simple thing to implement. I can’t tell you how to achieve it with 1 store, but you may want to consider multisite (1 site per vendor).

    Reading this thread, it seems that WooCommerce might do something I’m looking for…

    I’m barely aware of WP’s multi-site feature. I have multiple blogs on, but I’ve never tried, for instance, putting up a post that appears on both sites. But I do understand this is possible?

    Does all of that MP functionality map through into Woo? IE, can I put a product into the system and then list which of the network sub-sites it appears in?

    Most of our products sell in all markets, but a few don’t… I’d rather have MU handle this than have to put text in the description like “not available in Ontario”.

    None of the major online players (Volusion, Shopify, etc.) have this feature. Drupal and Presta can do it, but I’d love to stay in the WP world.


    Using Multi-site, each site would be running its own individual instance of WooCommerce – WPMU ‘Network Activation’ of woocommerce simply activates the WooCommerce plugin on each site in the multi-site network, they are in no way linked apart from being able to share users.

    (As an aside, network activation is buggy at the moment, it only prompts one of your many sites to install woo-commerce pages, after it’s done on one site none of the others get prompted to install the pages even though they do not have them)

    There is no “global” woocommerce install – the best you could do without a LOT of work would be a global custom post feed, aggregating all “product” custom post types across the network into a single archive / page for display – this would be “pulling” the products from the sub sites, there is no way to “push” products to multiple installs like you are suggesting (separate sub-sites pre region seems to be implied)

    For your problem however, you could use the user’s IP region (which woocommerce does a decent job of detecting anyway) to show or hide different products, product categories, or tags etc (essentially any meta could be used to sort these), a plugin would need to be written to handle this. It would make more sense seeing as you want to show/hide products from a unified list, not do multiple vendor aggregating like the other users are requesting.

    I hope this helps


    Thanks AJ!

    This is indeed a problem, it seems to limit us to either Drupal or Presta for this feature in precisely the form I imagine it (I know Presta does this, actually not sure about DrupalCommerce).

    The problem with running several different isolated instances is that you don’t get the correct inventory management or order routing. We have different product selections and prices in different areas, but all of the order flow back into a single warehouse. Then you get into all sorts of workflow problems – overlapping order ID’s, having to check different places to find an order, etc.

    I *don’t* want to have to write code to make this work, so it looks like WooCommerce is not an option.

    Does anyone know if any of the other WP ecommerce solutions offer true multi-site support?

    No, none do really

    One way it could be done, is install woo on every subdomain, and using a white label plugin and a plugin manager, hide everything that you need to from the sub domain admin, woo, products, orders etc. only super admin will see them.

    Orders will still go through to each sub domain but by using a multi email notify extention, you would get notice, and you would then need to go into that subddomain admin as super admin and do your stuff

    I dont think there is any way yet to have a central admin area, i will be looking at this in 1 year, so if you can figure it all out and let me know that be great:)

    Mark this is useful plugin as well, you create your sub site, hide everything that you need to, and when anew site is created, it replicates it. It takes about 15 mins to replicate one site.


    Actually it looks like MarketPress does indeed handle multisite in the fashion I imagined.

    Now I have to look at that package and see if it does what I want in other fields.

    If only this were easy!

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