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    I have a problem with setting woocommerce in multiple languages.
    I translated products (Italian) in English, I made new product categories in English (same as in Italian) but in the shop in English I find product categories (such as for the Italian version), but if I click to view the page products in that category, I don’t see the products in that category, but I see “error 404” and the blank page.
    I used in the shop page the shortcode : [product_category category = “” per_page = “12” columns = “4” orderby = “date” order = “desc”]
    I can’t understand what is wrong and why in italian it is ok and in English not. Can you help me?
    I have:
    woocommerce mulitilingual + WPML 2.6 + wpzoom academica
    thank you

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  • No replies? I am having a similar problem except mine is because the slug “product-category” is translated into a different language WooCommerce can’t find any products and returns a 404 Page not Found error.

    I have contacted the transposh developers in hopes they can tell me how to simply prevent transposh from translating those slugs and seeing how this thread has been here three weeks and nobody said anything… well, it seems to be my best bet.

    I had the same problem, category or product (depending of woocommerce permalik settings) in secondary language gave me a 404.
    Try to set the same slug in the page “Shop” for both languages.

    Yes, as of WCML 1.3 I also had to force translate all slugs into english originals, overriding woocommerce built-in .mo files. I have not tested 1.4 for this yet.

    any news about it ?
    @ikraav how did you force woocomere .mo translation ? i’m don’t get it !




    same here only wordpress spanish 3.5.1 and woocommerce 1.6.6 the category product slug is “translated to categoría-producto and always 404 page error

    Any help?

    I am now having the same problem.

    One would think that after 4 months that category translation would work by now right?
    Is this plugin simply not supported anymore?

    Is there another alternative translation plugin for woocommerce that actually works?

    @paul Lendan

    I have finally been digging into this in Transposh, and understand the reasons now, are you still interested in a solution?

    I’m interested ! 😉

    Anyone interested in testing, first, I have released a new version that includes the basic woo support, and second, contact me via the contact form on, will be happy to try and figure things out.

    Plugin Support David Garcia Watkins


    Dear users,

    Until version 1.4, we required a patched version of woocommerce for all this to work correctly.

    Since 1.5 released today, you no longer need a patched version. It has been tested with version 1.6.6.

    Give it a go and let me know if you have any problems.

    @ofer Wald

    Still planning to further develop transposh for WooCommerce? I’m happy to help testing.

    I tested it shortly. The shop works fine, translates product names, categories, buttons. Shopping cart works fine. Checkout works fine until the order summary. It doesn’t do that bit, neither the payment option section.

    In other words, seems to be just a little away from being ready.

    I used theme twenty twelve for the test.

    Plugin Support David Garcia Watkins


    You will always find the latest documentation here with references to possible problems and their solutions:

    WooCommerce Multilingual – Run E-Commerce Sites in Several Languages

    @ofer Wald

    Any news re. development for woo-commerce?

    My problem is that slug “product-category” is translated into a different language WooCommerce can’t find any products and returns a 404 Page not Found error.


    Not much news, but I have answered your email WRT the product/catagory issue, which confuses Transposh trying to figure out the original URL.

    I have also stopped giving support on this platform ( so please direct future questions directly to me via,

    I too have had the same problem. I was just about to give up, when I got a moment of clarity: switch it to dynamic URL’s

    settings > permalinks > default.

    It means woocommerce works perfectly with transposh, although you’ll loose the SEF URLS.

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